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15 Times Dolly Parton Said Whatever She Wanted



“I like the person I am, so I can afford to piddle around with makeup and clothes — because I’m sure of myself.”


When Dolly dissed and dismissed her husband when she revealed he wanted to have a threesome with Jennifer Aniston.


When she filmed herself getting her COVID-19 vaccine shot and sang a funny remix of “Jolene” that truly fit the mood.

Watch the full clip here:


When her teenage fans from the US asked her for advice, and she didn’t hold back when she recommended always wearing a condom.


When Dolly reunited with her 9 to 5 costars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at the 2017 Emmys and made this hilarious vibrator joke.


When she answered the internet’s most googled questions about her and shared that her iconic look was inspired by the “town tramp” from her hometown.


When she made this dirty joke about Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in between takes while filming 9 to 5.


When a stranger gave Dolly the middle finger when she went sightseeing in London, and she flipped it right back.


When she made a punny joke in the most Dolly way about why she would never run for president of the United States.


When she used her platform responsibly and supported the Black Lives Matter movement by saying, “Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!”

Watch the full clip here:


When she played a game of Would You Rather on The Late Late Show With James Corden and made a hilarious joke about Friends that even caught Jennifer Aniston off guard.


When she did an interview with RuPaul in 2020 and shut him down in the funniest way possible.


When 60 Minutes surprised Dolly with an old clip of her singing with her family, and she felt so overwhelmed with emotion, she asked the interviewer, Morley Safer, if he had any whiskey.


When Barbara Walters asked her if she thought she was a joke because of her appearance, and she shut her down with pure confidence.


When she made us all laugh and posted an iconic “Jolene” meme on Twitter to promote her merch.

@DollyParton / Via Twitter: @DollyParton


And when she wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself when it came to her outfit choices, always being ahead of the curve before someone else tried to insult her.

ABC Photo Archives / Getty Images / Vogue

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Halo Infinite PS4 and Switch Release Date: Will it come to Sony and Nintendo consoles?



Fans are holding out hope that Halo Infinite will come to the PS4 or Switch. If this came to fruition, the release date would, of course, be after the game launches on PC and Xbox, but is there any chance of that happening? We’ll take a look at what the chances are for Halo Infinite to release on a PlayStation or Nintendo console.

Will Halo Infinite get a PS4 release date?

Halo Infinite PS4 Switch release date Nintendo Sony

The chances of Halo Infinite releasing on PS4 or PS5 are only infinitesimally larger than zero. Halo’s developer, 343 Industries, is a first-party Microsoft development studio, and it’s one of Xbox’s most valuable properties. Given that Microsoft sees Sony as its direct rival, porting Halo Infinite to PS4 or PS5 would be an incredibly poor business decision.

Halo will never come to any platform other than PC and Xbox as long as Microsoft owns 343 Industries. Even if 343 Industries ever split off to form an independent studio as Bungie did, Microsoft would still retain the Halo IP.

Will Halo come to Nintendo Switch?

The likelihood of Halo Infinite getting a Nintendo Switch release date is about as poor as it coming to PlayStation. However, even though it might not get a direct port, there is a chance that users could eventually play it on Switch. In fact, hacked Switches can already do so.

Since the Switch OS is Android-based, the Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly Project xCloud) app works just fine. Users have reported that after installing a custom version of Android on a hacked Switch, they could install the app and play with no issues. Microsoft would almost certainly release an official Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Switch, given a chance. However, Nintendo has been reticent to release any apps for the console, and it’s still missing several that even the 3DS and Wii U had.

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After Lithuanian woman, 2 more Europeans test Covid-19 positive in Vrindavan | Latest News India



Three Europeans have tested positive for Covid-19 in the pilgrim town of Vrindavan since Friday, a health official said on Sunday.

A woman from Lithuania was the first to be found infected with Covid-19. Two nationals from Spain and Switzerland have also tested positive on Sunday.

All three had arrived in India on or near about November 15 and were at the same Vrindavan Ashram, which has now been declared a containment zone. Their samples are being sent to Lucknow for genome sequencing, the official said, adding that samples of 44 others who were in contact with them at the Ashram are being tested.

“Earlier, a woman from the Republic of Lithuania, aged about 30 years, had tested positive for Covid-19. She arrived in India on November 15 and was staying at Girdhar Dham, Sheetal Chayya Mandir in Vrindavan. She tested positive on Friday. Samples of those coming in her contact, mainly foreigners, at the ashram were subjected to testing,” said Dr Bhoodev, the deputy chief medical officer (deputy CMO) at Mathura. Vrindavan is in Mathura district of western Uttar Pradesh.

“A woman from Spain, aged 47 years, and a man from Switzerland, aged 44 years, also tested positive at the same ashram. They were also in India since the last fortnight,” the deputy CMO said.

“On Sunday, it was revealed that the man from Switzerland, who tested positive for Covid-19, has already moved away from the ashram and is being traced,” he stated.

Vrindavan, about 150 kilometres from Delhi, is among the favourite destinations of Krishna devotees from abroad as it is dotted with a series of Krishna temples and ashrams. The health department has made arrangements for sample testing of these devotees arriving from overseas.

On November 20, a footwear manufacturer from Agra tested positive after returning from Poland. But 50 others at his shoe factory tested negative. The samples of the footwear manufacturer have been sent to Lucknow for genome sequencing and the reports are awaited, said Agra chief medical officer Dr AK Srivastava.

The first Covid-19 positive case in Uttar Pradesh had been reported from Agra on March 2, 2020. That patient had returned from Italy.

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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed –



13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

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