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15-yr-old, mother assaulted over movie tickets


Police have arrested the two men who harassed and punched the boy in his face

A mother and her 15-year-old son who had gone to a mall in South Bengaluru to watch a movie were allegedly assaulted by two men after an argument over seats.

Shubha (name changed), 42, a resident of Padmanabhanagar filed a complaint with the Mico Layout police on Friday over the attack. The Mico Layout police have arrested the two men for assaulting the minor and have produced them before the court.

Shubha told the police that she had planned to take her son, a student of Class 9, and his two friends for a movie on Friday evening. She said, “We went to the theatre around 4 pm and sat in our seats. We had booked four seats but when my son’s friends didn’t turn up, we chose to sit in the middle two seats. The other seats close to ours were occupied by two couples, and one of them had brought along young children who were disturbing us.

They started asking us to move to the next seats and give them one of our seats. We said we had bought all four seats and were sitting in the right seats. When they asked me to move again and I refused, one of the men came and sat in the seat next to mine.

It made me uncomfortable and I asked him to return to his seat. With covid cases increasing, we were worried about safety. But they were unrelenting. During the movie, one of the women kept disturbing us by dumping her bags near our seats.”

When the movie ended, she thought she would get some respite from them but she was wrong. Shubha told the police one of the men approached her son and asked him if he had booked the four seats. “When my son confirmed it, he started abusing my son saying that he was behaving just like me and made an offensive comment. We both exchanged verbal abuses and I got irked and took my son along with me towards the exit.

Just then the other man who was standing with his wife came out and asked my son’s age. When he didn’t respond and tried to walk away, the man started punching my son on his face. He punched him several times and when I tried to stop him, he came in between us and both my son and I fell down the stairs.

I immediately called the security guards and the manager, who spoke to the two families. The manager saw our tickets and asked them why they were insisting on changing the seats when we were sitting in the right seats. They did not say anything and left in a rush. I immediately took my son to the nearest hospital for treatment,” she said.

On the same day, Shubha filed a complaint with the Mico Layout police who have registered a case and booked the accused under the juvenile justice act (Care and prevention of children) Act 2015, IPC section 509 and 323. Investigations are on.

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