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2021 AEW Double or Nothing results, recap, grades: Exciting show closes with wild Stadium Stampede match



On Sunday night, AEW returned to pay-per-view with Double or Nothing in front of a full-capacity crowd at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Despite a few rough spots through the more than four hours of action, the show delivered plenty of excitement and memorable moments, including an incredible triple threat match for the AEW championship and the return of the Stadium Stampede.

The Stadium Stampede closed the show, featuring Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle and MJF’s Pinnacle battling throughout TIAA Bank Field before ending inside Daily’s Place in front of the live crowd. The match, which featured a fun cameo from Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, was all spectacle, as the first edition had been in 2020, providing a fitting close to one of AEW’s strongest pay-per-view cards in their short history.

CBS Sports was with you the entire way on Sunday, updating this story with live results and highlights along with detailed recaps of each match.

AEW Double or Nothing results, grades

NWA Women’s Championship — Serena Deeb (c) vs. Riho: Deeb and Riho exchanged strikes early before a Riho crossbody from the top rope scored the first near fall of the match. Deeb took over at that point, aggressively taking the fight to Riho and delivering several European uppercuts before clawing at the face of Riho. Riho eventually fought her way back and hit a diving stomp from the top rope. Riho kept her foot on the gas, hitting a northern lights suplex for a near fall before missing a stomp to the ring apron, aggravating her knee, which Deeb had attacked through the match. Deeb continued the focus on the knee before a powerbomb for a two count. A tiger suplex tilted things back Riho’s way, but a running knee was countered into a single-leg crab, again attacking Riho’s knee. Deeb countered a crucifix by slamming Riho’s knee into the canvas several times before locking in a single-leg crab again to force the submission. This was a very solid match that got over how ruthless Deeb can be while keeping Riho strong as a presence in the women’s locker room. Deeb (c) def. Riho via submission to retain the title. Grade: B+

Brian Cage vs. Adam “Hangman” Page: A quick start for Page was briefly cut off when Cage threw him into the ringside barricade. While Page came back with a suicide dive, Cage powerbombed him into the ring post seconds later. When Cage continued battling through Page’s clotheslines, Page tried to change the momentum by hitting a big moonsault to the outside and a rana from the second rope for a near fall. Page went for Deadeye but that was countered into a ripcord forearm and a one-armed neckbreaker from Cage. Cage tried to flip into the ring for his own Buckshot Lariat but Page countered into an F5. Page then went for his own Buckshot but was hit with a huge suplex and a buckle bomb before a Cage discus lariat. A spinning powerbomb from Cage got a two count. Hook and Ricky Starks made their way to ringside, with Starks sliding the FTW title into the ring. Cage refused the help, looking to prove he could beat Page alone. This allowed Page to hit the Buckshot Lariat for the victory in a hot opener to the pay-per-view that suffered from a few rough spots in some of the bigger swings. Page def. Cage via pinfall. Grade: B+

AEW Tag Team Championship — The Young Bucks (c) vs. Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley: Moxley and Kingston attacked the Bucks as the champions ended their entrance in an explosion of streamers. As the brawl continued outside the ring, Kingston hit a suicide dive and Moxley chugged a fan’s beer. The Young Bucks briefly got the upper hand after Moxley and Kingston attacked Brandon Cutler, allowing the match to finally officially start. The challengers took the action back over, using some stereotypical heel work on the heel champions until a Nick Jackson eye poke let the Bucks isolate Kingston in their corner. A Kingston exploder suplex allowed him to make the hot tag to Moxley, who ran through both Jacksons, hitting both men with piledrivers before locking Matt Jackson in a bulldog choke before Nick ran in to break the submission. Gallows and Anderson came to ringside before Frankie Kazarian ran in to make the save before Nick Jackson sprayed Moxley in the eyes with hairspray and hit him in the head with the can, busting Moxley open.

The Bucks hit Moxley with a Meltzer Driver on the entrance ramp and began attacking the open cut on Moxley’s forehead. Moxley desperately tried to crawl toward Kingston for the tag but was hit with a series of kicks to the chest and back by both Jacksons. The Bucks mocked Moxley with a Shield fist pose before Moxley hit a double German suplex and made the tag to Kingston, who raced into the ring and dominated. The numbers caught up again and the Bucks were able to put Kingston down with an assisted Sliced Bread. Kingston got his knees up on a Nick swanton and made the tag to Moxley, who immediately ate a double superkick. Moxley locked in a rear-naked choke but Nick broke it up with a 450 splash for a two count. In the ensuing chaos, Moxley used a Dior Jordan shoe to hit a doomsday device for a near fall. Nick locked Moxley in a sharpshooter but Kingston made the save before Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift for a two count on Nick. Eventually, the Bucks finished Moxley off with four BTE Triggers to end a fantastic match with tons of convincing false finishes. The Young Bucks (c) def. Kingston & Moxley via pinfall to retain the titles. Grade: A

Casino Battle Royal: Matt Sydal was the first man eliminated, with Max Caster using a low blow to set up the elimination. Caster was then thrown over the top rope by Christian Cage, landing on the entrance ramp before falling to the floor for the elimination before the group from the next suit joined the match. Matt Hardy was out with the second group, but waited to enter the ring until the action had broken down to just Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs in the ring. Participants continued filtering in and out, with stars like Penta El 0M and Matt Hardy getting in the mix and the expected eliminations of many of the lower and midcard participants. Jungle Boy scored a big elimination of Penta before Cage also made his way back into the match after spending several minutes on the outside, though not eliminated.

Before the joker was revealed, the match came down to Jungle Boy, Christian Cage, Matt Hardy and both members of Private Party. The joker was revealed as Lio Rush. Rush quickly ran through Hardy and Private Party. After his impressive run, Rush tried to eliminate Private Party, but Hardy intervened, helping his goons eliminate Rush. Cage and Jungle Boy teamed up to eliminate Private Party, leaving Hardy vulnerable and desperate to try and hook up with Cage based on their history in WWE, leading Cage to quickly toss him over the top rope. Cage and Jungle Boy battled it out in a fun ending sequence before Jungle Boy finally scored the elimination to win a future title shot. The ending was solid, but there’s only so good a match like this can be. At least the winner was a great choice and the fan reaction was outstanding. Jungle Boy won the Casino Battle Royal. Grade: C

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cody Rhodes: Rhodes easily slipped early Ogogo punches before Ogogo hit the bolo punch to the stomach and then an Olympic slam for a two count. Rhodes hit a powerslam but grabbed at his ribs after hitting the move. QT Marshall got involved before he was chased off by Arn Anderson. Ogogo continued hitting high-impact moves, putting the pressure on Rhodes to defend his ribs. As Rhodes fought back, he busted Ogogo open and began targeting the cut before hitting a springboard cutter. Ogogo came back by knocking Rhodes from the top rope with a right hand and then hitting a frog splash for a two count.

Rhodes went for Cross Rhodes, but Ogogo landed another bolo punch and an uppercut, seemingly having the match won, but he pinned Rhodes at the edge of the ring where Rhodes’ hand was under the bottom rope. Rhodes came back to hit a Vertebreaker for the three count, scoring the win over his inexperienced foe. Ogogo is solid for where he is in his career, but this wasn’t a highlight on a show that has had many of them from the Buy-In onward. Rhodes def. Ogogo via pinfall. Grade: C

TNT Championship — Miro (c) vs. Lance Archer: Archer jumped Miro before the bell, taking the fight to the champion and dropping him with a boot to the face. Archer hit a rope-walk moonsault and then put Miro through a table at ringside. Miro broke away from the fight to try to recover while roaming around ringside before catching a charging Archer and throwing him over the ringside barricade and onto a group of “fans.” Miro rolled out of the way of a top-rope moonsault from Archer before hitting a fallaway slam for a near fall. Jake Roberts charged to the ring and tried to pull a snake from the bag, but Miro attacked him and threw the bag down the entrance ramp. As Miro tried to finish off Roberts, Archer caught him with a chokeslam for a two count.

Miro kicked the bottom rope into the groin of Archer before hitting a jumping kick. That allowed Miro to stomp Archer’s back and lock in Game Over to put Archer to sleep for the finish. Good “big man action” in this one, letting Miro score a big win in his first TNT title defense. Miro (c) def. Archer via submission to retain the title. Grade: B

AEW Women’s Championship — Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.: Shida took Baker to the mat quickly and began working a flurry of submission holds. Baker avoided a Shida dropkick before rolling out of the ring to break the champion’s momentum. Shida did hit a dropkick, but Baker was able to get the upper hand shortly after, taking Shida down on the outside and landing stomps and knees to the face of the champion once they reentered the ring. As Shida tried to scramble from the clutches of Baker, Baker hit her with a curb stomp before putting on a sequined glove.

Shida tried to fire back, but Baker planted her face into the middle turnbuckle. Shida fired up and flurried with big strikes to the face and head of Baker. Shida followed up with a series of knee strikes to score a near fall. Baker came back with a swinging neckbreaker for her own two count. Baker hit a huge air raid crash for a two count before trying to apply Lockjaw. Shida took the action to the top rope, hitting a superplex and then trying to go right back to the top rope but settling for a stretch muffler when Baker fought back. Shida gave up the hold to chase Rebel, who had taken her belt. Rebel then accidentally hit Baker with her crutch, allowing Shida to score a two count. As the referee was ejecting Rebel from ringside, Baker delivered a kick to Shida before stomping her on the belt, but Shida managed to kick out. The action flurried back and forth down the stretch before Backer secured Lockjaw to force the submission. The match was a bit oddly paced and some sections didn’t make much sense (like Shida abandoning a submission to chase Rebel simply for holding the championship belt). It was a good moment for Baker, who seems like a star in the making, but was admittedly a bit disappointing for the end of Shida’s reign and the beginning of Baker’s. Baker def. Shida (c) via submission to win the title. Grade: C+

Sting & Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page: The teams brawled from the jump before Sky hit a suplex on Sting on the entrance ramp. Sting popped right back up, however, and dove off the ramp onto Sky and Page before the match hit the ring and settled into a standard tag match. Sting and Allin had the early advantage before Page swept Allin’s legs as Allin was standing on the top rope. Page would eventually press slam Allin from the ring into the front row, calling back to some of their classic brutal moments from their rivalry in EVOLVE. Allin was able to beat the 10 count and eventually fought back to make the hot tag to Sting.

Sting nearly pinned Page with a Code Red. Page went for an Ego’s Edge on Allin but Sting swept his legs and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock. Sky then locked Allin in a heel hook and Allin and Page began slapping each other and gouging eyes until the holds were broken by the ref. Sky and Sting battled down the stretch before Sky tried to flip into the ring with a cutter, but Sting countered into a Scorpion Death Drop for the three count. Sting is much better than he has any right to be at his age and the three other men are all tremendous talents. Add a hot crowd and the match was a success, even if it wasn’t an all-timer or anything of the sort. Sting & Allin def. Sky & Page via pinfall. Grade: B

AEW Championship — Kenny Omega (c) vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy: Cassidy was bounced from the ring almost immediately after the start of the match, but made his way to the ring to try  a pair of lazy pins after PAC and Omega crashed into each other with dueling crossbodies. Cassidy hit Omega and PAC with a double rana before a suicide dive on PAC and a DDT on Omega. PAC began methodically working over both men, hitting a double dropkick in the process. The focus of the match briefly shifted to a battle between Omega and PAC before Cassidy eventually worked his way back into the match and hit Omega with a Stundog Millionaire. As Omega was trying to bridge out of a Cassidy pin, PAC came crashing down with a 450 splash.

Omega came back with snapdragon suplexes on both men but took a high-velocity German suplex from PAC. Cassidy blocked a top rope snapdragon by getting his hands in his pocket, allowing PAC to hit an avalanche German suplex on Omega. Cassidy then dove onto PAC. After more wild offense by all three men, Omega pulled off his knee pad and delivered a series of knees to the face of Cassidy. Cassidy hit Omega with a Michinoku driver before PAC hit Cassidy with a brainbuster for a two count. PAC hit an avalanche falcon arrow on Omega but was thrown from the ring by Cassidy, who pinned Omega for a near fall that caused the crowd to explode in cheers. Omega broke up a PAC pin on Cassidy after a Black Arrow. PAC then missed a Black Arrow on Omega. Omega went for a One-Winged Angel and PAC countered into a Brutalizer. Cassidy hit both men with Orange Punches before firing up. Cassidy hit another Orange Punch on PAC and seemingly had the match won, but Don Callis ran in to pull the referee from the ring.

Cassidy tried for a diving DDT on PAC but PAC caught him and locked in the Brutalizer. Omega ran in and began stomping the head of PAC but PAC refused to let go. Omega then stomped the referee, took one title belt from Callis and used it to hit PAC and then hit him with a second belt, and then the same with a third belt, and again with belt number four. Cassidy slid back into the ring and hit Omega with the Orange Punch. A second referee ran in to count the pin, but Omega reversed into a crucifix for the three count. Triple threat matches can often be pacing nightmares, but this really showcased the best of all three men and brought a ton of drama. When the crowd is fully biting on Orange Cassidy near falls in a world title match, things are going well. Omega (c) def. Orange Cassidy and PAC via pinfall to retain the title. Grade: A

The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle (Stadium Stampede): Inner Circle repelled from the top of the stadium scoreboard before the match. MJF was alone, but the rest of the Pinnacle members arrived in FTR’s truck and the brawl began. As the teams fought through the stadium, Chris Jericho got MJF one-on -one and began delivering a meeting before they went inside and MJF threw hot coffee in Jericho’s face. Jericho came back and used baking trays, tables and other items before Jaguars coaches Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong threw Jericho footballs and a laptop to use to hit MJF. Action then cut to Jake Hager and Wardlow battling through the food prep area before Wardlow speared Hager through a wall.

Sammy Guevara found Shawn Spears sitting in a room full of chairs before the two brawled throughout a loading dock area. Spears was eventually able to handcuff Guevara to some shelving, but left bolt cutters within reach. FTR, Santana and Ortiz found themselves in a nightclub that inexplicably had patrons (and Konnan as the DJ), sharing a shot before brawling. Action continued to cut between the various pairings, including MJF nearly pinning Jericho in a boardroom after a piledriver on a table. Jericho and MJF battled into Daily’s Place with the live crowd. Guevara ran Spears down with a golf cart, also in Daily’s Place. Spears delivered some violent chair shots to Guevara, but Guevara managed to kick out of the pin. Guevara fought back to stomp Spears into a chair before hitting a 630 senton to pin Spears and secure the win for Inner Circle.

This certainly was wild and had some memorable moments. It also had some big low points including some really bad prop work. That said, it was a fun time and battling back into Daily’s Place for the finish was a very good idea, allowing the crowd to react to the finish and sing along to “Judas” to close the show. Inner Circle def. The Pinnacle via pinfall. Grade: B+

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Woman passenger from UK tests Covid positive at Hyderabad airport



Hyderabad: A 35-year-old international passenger who reached the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here on Wednesday has tested positive for Covid-19 after undergoing an RT-PCR test at the airport itself. The woman passenger had traveled from the United Kingdom, which has been categorised as an ‘At Risk Country’. 

The passenger has been admitted to the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) and samples were collected and sent for genetic sequencing. Officials said she did not have any symptoms and that her health condition was being monitored closely. 

According to officials, the woman hails from Rangareddy district and was on a visit to UK from Hyderabad. Though her close relatives tested negative, their health condition is also being monitored. 

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Revealed: how Sidney Powell could be disbarred for lying in court for Trump | US elections 2020



Sidney Powell, the former lawyer for Donald Trump who filed lawsuits across America for the former president, hoping to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, has on several occasions represented to federal courts that people were co-counsel or plaintiffs in her cases without seeking their permission to do so, the Guardian has learned.

Some of these individuals say that they only found out that Powell had named them once the cases were already filed.

During this same period of time, Powell also named several other lawyers – with their permission in those instances – as co-counsel in her election-related cases, despite the fact that they played virtually no role whatsoever in bringing or litigating those cases.

Both Powell’s naming of other people as plaintiffs or co-counsel without their consent and representing that other attorneys were central to her cases when, in fact, their roles were nominal or nonexistent, constitute serious potential violations of the American Bar Association model rules for professional conduct, top legal ethicists told the Guardian.

Powell’s misrepresentations to the courts in those particular instances often aided fundraising for her nonprofit, Defending the Republic. Powell had told prospective donors that the attorneys were integral members of an “elite strike force” who had played outsized roles in her cases – when in fact they were barely involved if at all.

A couple poses for a photo in front of a Trump campaign bus at a rally in Alpharetta, Georgia, on 2 December 2020.
A couple poses for a photo in front of a Trump campaign bus at a rally in Alpharetta, Georgia, on 2 December 2020. Photograph: Nathan Posner/REX/Shutterstock

Powell did not respond to multiple requests for comment via phone, email, and over social media.

The State Bar of Texas is already investigating Powell for making other allegedly false and misleading statements to federal courts by propagating increasingly implausible conspiracy theories to federal courts that Joe Biden’s election as president of the United States was illegitimate.

The Texas bar held its first closed-door hearing regarding the allegations about Powell on 4 November. Investigations by state bar associations are ordinarily conducted behind closed doors and thus largely opaque to the public.

A federal grand jury has also been separately investigating Powell, Defending the Republic, as well as a political action committee that goes by the same name, for fundraising fraud, according to records reviewed by the Guardian.

Among those who have alleged that Powell falsely named them as co-counsel is attorney Linn Wood, who brought and litigated with Powell many of her lawsuits attempting to overturn the results of the election with her, including in the hotly contested state of Michigan.

The Michigan case was a futile attempt by Powell to erase Joe Biden’s victory in that state and name Trump as the winner. On 25 August, federal district court Judge Linda Parker, of Michigan, sanctioned Powell and nine other attorneys who worked with her for having engaged in “a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process” in bringing the case in the first place. Powell’s claims of election fraud, Parker asserted, had no basis in law and were solely based on “speculation, conjecture, and unwarranted suspicion”.

Parker further concluded that the conduct of Powell, Wood, and the eight other attorneys who they worked with, warranted a “referral for investigation and possible suspension or disbarment to the appropriate disciplinary authority for each state … in which each attorney is admitted”.

Wood told the court in the Michigan case that Powell had wrongly named him as one of her co-counsel in the Michigan case. During a hearing in the case to determine whether to sanction Wood, his defense largely rested on his claim that he had not been involved in the case at all. Powell, Wood told the court, had put his name on the lawsuit without her even telling him.

A man holds a sign reading "The dead cannot vote" at a rally in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Trump supporters attend a rally in Alpharetta, Georgia, where Sidney Powell spoke on efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Photograph: Nathan Posner/REX/Shutterstock

Wood said: “I do not specifically recall being asked about the Michigan complaint … In this case obviously my name was included. My experience or my skills apparently were never needed, so I didn’t have any involvement with it.”

Wood’s attorney, Paul Stablein, was also categorical in asserting that his client had nothing to do with the case, telling the Guardian in an interview: “He didn’t draft the complaint. He didn’t sign it. He did not authorize anyone to put his name on it.”

Powell has denied she would have ever named Wood as a co-counsel without Wood’s permission.

But other people have since come forward to say that Powell has said that they were named as plaintiffs or lawyers in her election-related cases without their permission.

In a Wisconsin voting case, a former Republican candidate for Congress, Derrick Van Orden, said he only learned after the fact that he had been named as a plaintiff in one of Powell’s cases.

“I learned through social media today that my name was included in a lawsuit without my permission,” Van Orden said in a statement he posted on Twitter, “To be clear, I am not involved in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the election in Wisconsin.”

Jason Shepherd, the Republican chairman of Georgia’s Cobb county, was similarly listed as a plaintiff in a Georgia election case without his approval.

In a 26 November 2020 statement, Shepherd said he had been talking to an associate of Powell’s prior to the case’s filing about the “Cobb GOP being a plaintiff” but said he first “needed more information to at least make sure the executive officers were in agreeing to us being a party in the suit”. The Cobb County Republican party later agreed to remain plaintiffs in the case instead of withdrawing.

Leslie Levin, a professor at the University of Connecticut Law School, said in an interview: “Misrepresentations to the court are very serious because lawyers are officers of the court. Bringing a lawsuit in someone’s name when they haven’t consented to being a party is a very serious misrepresentation and one for which a lawyer should expect to face serious discipline.”

Nora Freeman Engstrom, a law professor at Stanford University, says that Powell’s actions appear to violate Rule 3.3 of the ABA’s model rules of professional misconduct which hold that “a lawyer shall not knowingly … make a false statement of fact of law to a tribunal”.

Since election day last year, federal and state courts have dismissed more than 60 lawsuits alleging electoral fraud and irregularities by Powell, and other Trump allies.

Shortly after the election, Trump named Powell as a senior member of an “elite strike force” who would prove that Joe Biden only won the 2020 presidential race because the election was stolen from him. But Trump refused to pay her for her services. To remedy this, Powell set up a new nonprofit called Defending the Republic; its stated purpose is to “protect the integrity of elections in the United States”.

As a nonprofit, the group is allowed to raise unlimited amounts of “dark money” and donors are legally protected from the ordinary requirements to disclose their identities to the public. Powell warned supporters that for her to succeed, “millions of dollars must be raised”.

Echoing Trump’s rhetoric, Powell told prospective donors that Defending the Republic had a vast team of experienced litigators.

Sidney Powell speaks at a press conference on election results in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Sidney Powell speaks at a press conference on election results in Alpharetta, Georgia. Photograph: Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

Among the attorneys who Powell said made up this “taskforce” were Emily Newman, who had served Trump as the White House liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services and as a senior official with the Department of Homeland Security. Newman had been a founding board member of Defending the Republic.

But facing sanctions in the Michigan case, some of the attorneys attempted to distance themselves from having played much of a meaningful role in her litigation.

Newman’s attorney told Parker, the judge, that Newman had “not played a role in the drafting of the complaint … My client was a contract lawyer working from home who spent maybe five hours on this matter. She really wasn’t involved … Her role was de minimis.”

To have standing to file her Michigan case, Powell was initially unable to find a local attorney to be co-counsel on her case but eventually attorney Gregory Rohl agreed to help out.

But when Rohl was sanctioned by Parker and referred to the Michigan attorney disciplinary board for further investigation, his defense was that he, too, was barely involved in the case. He claimed that he only received a copy of “the already prepared” 830-page initial complaint at the last minute, reviewed it for “well over an hour”, while then “making no additions, decisions or corrections” to the original.

As with Newman, Parker, found that Rohl violated ethics rules by making little, if any, effort to verify the facts of the claims in Powell’s filings.

In sanctioning Rohl, the judge wrote that “the court finds it exceedingly difficult to believe that Rohl read an 830-page complaint in just ‘well over an hour’ on the day he filed it. So, Rohl’s argument in and of itself reveals sanctionable conduct.”

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Govt to introduce important Bill, Covid situation likely to be discussed



The government on Thursday will table ‘The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Amendment) Bill 2021’ in the Lok Sabha. A discussion on Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and its various related aspects is also likely to take place in the lower House.

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will move the ‘The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Amendment) Bill’ in the Lok Sabha to amend the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998.

Under rule 193, a discussion on Covid-19 pandemic and various aspects related to it will likely take place. According to sources, the members may also raise their concern and ask for the government’s preparedness for the new Omicron variant. Under Rule 193, members can seek details about the new Covid variant. “Short duration discussion is likely to be held in the Lok Sabha on the Covid and its various aspects, including new Omicron variant,” sources said.

Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Prahlad Singh Patel, General V.K. Singh, Krishan Pal, Bhanu Pratap Verma, Rameshwar Teli and Kaushal Kishore will lay papers on the table. Reports and action reports of different standing committees will also be laid in the day.

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Amendment) Bill 2021 (ART) by voice vote as the amendments moved by the DMK MP N.K. Prem Chandran, Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy and Shiv Sena MP Vinayak Raut were negated. The ART Bill seeks to regulate fertility clinics. All such clinics will have to be registered under the National Registry of Banks and Clinics of India.

The opposition is likely to continue to raise its voices on price rise, unemployment and extended jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) in some states. The opposition parties are also demanding a law guaranteeing the minimum support price (MSP).

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