21 Great Outfits From Disney Movies

Each color of Aurora’s gown in Sleeping Beauty is fantastic.


Cinderella’s perfect blue gown. It’s ten times fancier than anything I even think about wearing, but I do not care.


Aurora from Sleeping Beauty‘s casual forest-stroll outfit. It’s a weird sleeve length, but hey, it works. I love the vibe.


This dress Jasmine wears in Aladdin. That color and that neckline together are outlandishly lovely.


Peter Pan’s whole look. It’d be a bold fashion choice, but one I’d be willing to take.


This Anna outfit from Frozen II that makes me want to move to a tiny village and write with quills. And I don’t even like little sweaters!

Walt Disney Animation Studios


This dress Ariel wears in The Little Mermaid. It’s the I’m-very-good-at-blackjack kind of classy.


The blue version of Aurora’s gown in Sleeping Beauty.


The pink version of Aurora’s gown in Sleeping Beauty.


The blue-and-pink version of Aurora’s gown in Sleeping Beauty.


I really like this outfit Roger wears in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Casual-preppy is always a winner in my book.


This overall look that Audrey from Atlantis: The Lost Empire wears feels like it’s cool without trying to be, aka the coolest kind of cool.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


I guess Ursula from The Little Mermaid wears a jumpsuit? Lol. Well, it’s a very fun and chic jumpsuit.


This Elsa dress from Frozen II is so pretty, I would maybe paint it if I could remotely paint.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


Yzma’s very badass look from The Emperor’s New Groove. I could not pull this off but I would try my hardest.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


The famous outfit Jasmine wears in Aladdin is so, so, so cute. Look at it! Amazing.


I’d wear this Jane from Tarzan outfit too often if I owned it.


Eric’s wedding outfit in The Little Mermaid. What can I say, he’s pulling it off.


The torn version of Cinderella’s pink dress is artsy without being annoying, which is a fine freaking line.


This very intense look that Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty absolutely rocks.


Elsa wears this perfect outfit in Frozen II, and I wear this perfect outfit in my dreams.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


And finally, Tinkerbell’s classic look. Please, give me this dress. I don’t know who I’m saying “please” to, but whoever it is, please, give me this dress.

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Updated: March 22, 2021 — 7:54 am

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