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5 Bollywood Movies Which Used Holi as a Plot Changer


Holi and films have shared an excellent, inseparable, eternal camaraderie, since the beginning. Owing to Holi’s vivacious nature, Bollywood has effectively used its zesty, enigmatic vibe to the fullest. After all, the joyous festival of Holi has always been way more than just an occasion of smearing of colours on each other. It has stood for love, inexplicable bond, triumph of good and signified many nuances of life.

Such a vibrant theme embodied by Holi, naturally transpired into many film sequences, which served as some iconic plot changers.

Take a look at some memorable Holi sequences in Bollywood movies that acted as a plot changer:

Silsila: This classic Yash Chopra movie captures one of the most memorable cinematic brilliances through a Holi sequence that proves to be a terrific plot changer. Amitabh singing ‘Rang Barse’ in the backdrop of some very unsettling information of their past being divulged, and all culminating into a soon-to-be-changed relationship status of the key characters. What a master build up to an intense plot using this Holi sequence in the film!

Sholay: Yet another superhit movie that weaved Holi sequence in it to make a seamless plot transition. Right after people are shown all immersed in merriment, the dacoits take the opportunity to attack. This leads to the unravelling of the crux of the plot as to how Thakur was wronged.

Damini: A movie that is known for the courtroom drama basically feeds from the crucial moment of the Holi sequence where Meenakshi (Damini) happens to witness the rape of her maid by her brother-in-law and his friends. The entire world of the protagonist goes topsy-turvy after this.

Mohabbatein: This movie beautifully uses Holi as a strategic occasion as well as a trope to move the plot forward. SRK’s character uses the special occasion of Holi to seek permission to play Holi outside the campus, from the boys’ college principal, the no-nonsense, stern Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan). The latter’s acceptance of the plea and bowing to get the ‘gulaal tika’ from Raj foretells the changes.

Goliyon ki Rasleela – Ramleela: Sanjay Leela Bhansali uses the Holi charm to make his characters exude sizzling chemistry, while realising the uncontrollable attraction for each other during Holi. A scene shot without words, just through using colours, expressions, gestures amidst an ambience charged-up with colours, is stunning. It was a major turning point in the film.