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Cruella hasn’t even been released in French theaters yet, that a sequel is already in preparation! Given its success across the Atlantic, we can assume that the film will have just as much in France, when it releases on Wednesday, June 23. Centered on one of the most beloved villains in the universe Disney, this prequel explores the past of Estella, an intelligent and creative young woman who will work for the terrible Baroness von Hellman, a great fashion figure. Their relationship means that one day she will become Cruella, all in 1970s London, in the midst of the punk rock movement. We got to meet the film’s actors and artistic team, and to help you wait for its release, here are 5 things you need to know.

Emma Thompson eagerly awaited a mean role

In 2013, Emma Thompson had already made a foray into the Walt Disney universe by starring in the film In the shadow of Mary, the role of Pamela L. Travers, creator of the character Mary Poppins. This time we can discover the English actress in a bad role, that of the Baroness, which was created especially for Cruella because it didn’t exist in the cartoon. “I had a lot of fun making it because I think it’s been many years since I wondered if I could be a mean, a real villainEmma Thompson said at the press conference.I am very interested in the dark side of female characters as they are rarely allowed to be dark. We’re all supposed to be benevolent, aren’t we? And bad mothers are unforgivable. The Baroness is very determined and she says this beautiful thing: “If I hadn’t been so determined I might have put my genius in the bottom of a drawer”, her dedication to her creativity is admirable and certainly difficult. “

One of the costumes Emma Stone wore especially featured the cast

Cruella is also characterized by her costumes, each as incredible as the next, created by Jenny Beavan and her team. Those of the main character are probably the most daring, and one of them seems to be unanimous, both among the artistic team and among the actors. “My favorite outfit, which was absolutely absurd, was the dress I wore on the garbage truck because there was a ten-meter train. And she wasn’t attached to the dress because of course I wouldn’t have anywhere to go so they added her to the dress at the last minute when I got on the truck – trash to film this scene“Said Emma Steen. Paul Walter Hauser, who plays one of Cruella’s two sidekicks, Horace, was also very fond of this costume.”Someone came up with the idea that she might come with a garbage truck, and that’s an aggressive thing Cruella can dosaid Craig Gillespie, the film’s director.

Real dogs played in the movie

This prequel is also an opportunity to return to the mysterious link between Cruella and the Dalmatians, which was never explained in the 1961 cartoon.. Going back to his past, we understand his psychology towards these dogs with such unique black spots, and of course the movie couldn’t do without them. Above all, Dalmatians appear as pets of the Baroness. Besides, Cruella walks away from the outright hatred of those dogs we see in the animated classic, deepening that point. “The dogs were kind of made in computer graphics, but they were still on set“Emma Stone explained.”They were talented and very kind. They had to add CGI to make them a little meansaid Emma Thompson. It’s not just the Dalmatians in the movie, we also see a Chihuahua with an eye patch, Wink, and a terrier, Buddy.”Estella’s dog, Buddy, whose real name is Bobby, I think was the cutest and cutest dog I’ve known in my life, and I’ve had a lot of them, so that means something”, Emma Stone recalls. “If you look him in the eye, you see the cosmos thereadded Joel Fry, who plays Jasper.

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The actors and their connection to the Disney movies

Like all of us, actors were steeped in Disney animated movies before there was a spate of live-action remakes. In the past, in 1996, this animation classic had already had its adaptation starring Glenn Close. Disney is planning many more live-action movies. “I liked the cartoon 101 Dalmatians. I especially liked the idea that dogs resembled their owners. I always thought it was funny. And I remember as a kid trying to see if dogs really looked like their owners, and most of the time they are. I thought Cruella was a funny characterexplains Emma Stone. “My favorite villain has been Cruella D’Enfer for a long time. So being part of this project is a dream come truesaid Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who plays Anita.I really liked Disney movies, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid… Even some live action movies. They greatly influenced my desire to become an actor and work in Hollywood.‘ said Paul Walter Hauser. Joel Fry also felt influenced by the Disney universe.”I also watched black and white cartoons, Mickey Mouse. When I was a kid I used to watch them all the time, they influenced me“.

Cruella is darker than other live-action movies

Live-action remakes aren’t always to everyone’s liking, but Cruella seems to stand out on one point: it’s darker than the last one. About this, Emma Stone says she was surprised,”I think Craig (Gillespie) and Tony (McNamara) wrote and did what they wanted to create. I think it’s definitely very dark for a Disney movie, but maybe not the intense kind of a Rated R movie., “which for us is the equivalent of classifying works to protect minors from scenes considered shocking. For Paul Walter Hauser, the film is”darker compared to other live-action like The Jungle Book. But when we talk about dark, the Pinocchio cartoon is darker and more terrifying. It depends on what we’re comparing compare“. Joel Fry, meanwhile, would describe it more as “subversive“.