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50+ Harry Potter Tattoos Which Will”Always” Bring You Joy


There are plenty of ways to celebrate the love of everything Harry Potter, but nothing is as permanent as a tattoo. You could go with all the deathly hallows emblem, a lightning bolt, or even chapter celebrities, but nothing can compare to becoming unpopular with your favourite quotes from the sequence. After all, even if the novels made such a lasting mark on your life, then a Harry Potter quote tattoo is a superb way to commemorate it. From Dumbledore’s words of knowledge into spells like”lumos” and”constantly,” there a number of long and short Harry Potter quotations to pick from. Take a look at some of our favorite Harry Potter tattoos beforehand, and you’ll likely just be inspired to show off your devotion to the wizarding world”until the very end.”

– Additional reporting by Ann-Marie Alcántara

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