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A Quiet Place II ending explained: No post-credits scene, but sequel possibilities



A Quiet Place Part 2

Regan Abbott is eager to explore, but her mom just wants to find somewhere safe as quickly as possible.


The nerve-shredding A Quiet Place Part II is in theaters, bringing director John Krasinski‘s horror sequel to audiences after its pandemic-related delay. The movie picks up right after the events of the 2018 original as surviving members of the Abbott family figure out their next move in a world overrun by terrifying monsters that relentlessly hunt down any sound.

Let’s be very, very quiet as we take a look at where they end up. There’s no post-credits scene, but we’ll also sound out the possibilities for sequels set in this universe. Whispered SPOILERS ahead.

spoiler alert

Island ripped apart

Deaf survivor Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) and new ally Emmett (Cillian Murphy) discover an island populated by survivors living normal lives. Djimon Hounsou‘s character (who’s credited as Man on Island) reveals that authorities quickly realized the creatures can’t swim, so they tried to evacuate people across water from the mainland. The creatures were right behind them, however, so people panicked and only a few made it to the islands.

Unfortunately, one of the creatures bobs out to this island on the boat Regan and Emmett had their eye on, turning the safe haven into a hell. Regan, Emmett and Man lead the beastie to the island’s radio station — the source of the repeated broadcast of Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea that led them to the island.

The creature quickly turns Man on Island into Man in Pieces, leaving Regan and Emmet to save the day. Regan uses her cochlear implant, which uses electric signals to give her a modified sense of sound, to exploit the weakness she discovered in the previous movie. She blasts feedback through the building’s speakers making the creature disorientated and vulnerable. Regan then seizes the opportunity to beat it to death, making the island safe once again.

Steel mill terror

Back at the steel mill, Evelyn and Marcus Abbott (Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe) try to survive an assault by one of the creatures, while protecting the baby. It’s all immensely stressful, and it looks like they’re screwed. 

Conveniently enough, Marcus has been listening to the looped Beyond the Sea on their radio — either listening out for Regan’s progress or to distract from the agony of getting his ankle caught in a bear trap earlier. Hearing the broadcast feedback, he turns the radio on the creature — which is enough to kill it.

Basically, Regan is this franchise’s MVP.

WTF questions

  • We know the creatures are aliens that came to Earth on meteors, but where did they originate?
  • Is there any more to the “base” where Emmett’s brother works, according to a throwaway line from Lee in the opening sequence? If it’s a military base, could it have been specifically targeted in the meteor strike? That might suggest that the creatures are part of the first wave of an invasion, but maybe I’m going down a sci-fi rabbit hole.
  • The next obvious move is for Regan and Emmett to go back and collect Evelyn, Marcus and the baby. However, Evelyn and Emmett are both in bad shape after being slashed by the creatures, so the adults are going to slow things up. I guess that’s a problem for a sequel to dive into, though a direct sequel to this movie has yet to be confirmed.
  • Will the island people freak out at Regan and Emmett for inadvertently bringing one of the creatures to their safe haven?
  • Why didn’t the Abbotts get on a boat and go to the island long ago?
  • Are there other islands filled with people living normal-ish lives? A spinoff movie has been confirmed, so that could offer a global view of this postapocalyptic world.
  • What the heck was the deal with those creepy horrible marina people? They’d clearly become predatory and mean, but why was their skin all red? And why were their eyes super bloodshot?
  • Why was the excellent Scoot McNairy (Man on Marina) given such a tiny role?
  • Why does Beyond the Sea never get old? “Sailllllin’ “

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WHO confirms Omicron Covid-19 variant in 23 countries. Here’s the full list | World News



The Omicron Covid-19 variant, which was discovered in southern Africa last month, has now spread to as many as 23 countries, the director-general of World Health Organisation (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference, Ghebreyesus said the countries hail from five or six WHO regions, and that the number is only expected to climb up. “WHO takes this development extremely seriously, and so should every country,” he added.

The WHO chief stated that the discovery of the Omicron Covid-19 variant should not “surprise us” since this is what viruses do and coronavirus will also do “as long as we allow it to continue spreading.”

Also Read | WHO warns against ‘toxic mix’ of low vaccine coverage and testing amid Omicron scare

“We are learning more all the time about Omicron, but there’s still more to learn about its effect on transmission, severity of disease, and the effectiveness of tests, therapeutics and vaccines,” Ghebreyesus told at a press briefing.

Reiterating the WHO’s message on not imposing blanket travel bans on travellers coming from affected countries, the United Nations (UN) health agency chief noted that countries should instead adopt “rational, proportional risk-reduction measures, in keeping with the international health regulations.”

Ghebreyesus pointed out that screening passengers before travelling and/or upon arrival at the airport, and mandatory quarantine of international travellers are some ways to check the spread of the Omicron variant in place of blanket travel bans.

His statements come after South Africa health minister Joe Phaahla recently called the travel bans on flights coming from the country by other nations as “unjustified” and “counterproductive”.

Three countries – South Korea, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia – reported cases of Omicron Covid-19 variant on Wednesday.

Here’s a list of all countries that have so far reported Omicron cases:

1. Botswana – 19 cases

2. South Africa – 77 cases

3. Nigeria – Three cases

4. United Kingdom – 22 cases

5. South Korea – Five cases

6. Australia – Seven cases

7. Austria – One case

8. Belgium – One case

9. Brazil – Three cases

10. Czech Republic – One case

11. France – One case

12. Germany – Nine cases

13. Hong Kong – Four cases

14. Israel – Four cases

15. Italy – Nine cases

16. Japan – Two cases

17. Netherlands – 16 cases

18. Norway – Two cases

19. Spain – Two cases

20. Portugal – 13 cases

21. Sweden – Three cases

22. Canada – Six cases

23. Denmark – Four cases

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ITV I’m A Celebrity: Ex-campmates reveal bosses’ secret plot to turn their camp ‘nasty’



Ex I’m A Celebrity campmates Beverley Callard and Vernon Kay have revealed the ITV bosses’ plot to show celebrities in a bad light.

The Corrie star took part in the show at Gwrych Castle in 2020 and believes her fellow cast-members were given a “unfair” edit.

Agreed with by Vernon Kay, they claimed producers had a meeting to plan how to turn the show “nasty” – but eventually abandoned the idea.

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Featuring on an episode of Rylan Clarke’s podcast ‘Ry-Union’, Beverley said: “None of us were confrontational, not one of us. Nobody was trying to pull the camera all the time, nobody was moody…

“I think the editing in some way was a little bit unfair because they showed some of lots of people and not very much of other people. But that just goes with the job unfortunately.”

Beverley Callard and Jordan North have remained best friends since the show, travelling through Spain together for a new television series.
Beverley ‘Bev’ Callard was a 2020 camp favourite

Beverley also mentioned that viewers were not shown some of the best bits of her campmates, including former Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard.

She told Rylan’s podcast: “You missed out on the really comedic side of AJ, who is the funniest person, but it didn’t tend to show that side of him apparently.”

Her fellow ex-campmate Vernon revealed that the show’s bosses had a secret plot to turn things ‘nasty’ in the camp when it became clear the celebrities were getting on well.

The TV and radio presenter said: “I’ve heard from the inside there was a moment in week one when they had a production meeting on how they could possibly turn it nasty.”

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Beverley chimed in: “I heard that too!”

However, the stars say the plans were scrapped when it became clear the nation were loving the friendliness of 2020’s group of campmates.

Vernon said: “When they saw the viewing figures, they were like, ‘Why would we want to ruin it?’ And they let us go with it, they let us embrace each other instead of being fractious.”

Last year’s camp certainly had a different atmosphere to 2021’s, where tensions are already high with Naughty Boy regularly seen to be arguing.

This year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here line-up includes: Louise Minchin, Matty Lee, Snoochie Shy, Dame Arlene Phillips, Naughty Boy, Kadeena Cox, David Ginola, Frankie Bridge, Danny Miller and Richard Madeley who was forced to leave the show last week.

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Meet the big ensemble supporting cast of Avatara Purusha | Kannada Movie News



Filmmaker Suni, who just had a release, is back into promotion mode as he prepares for the release of his next, Avatara Purusha, on December 10.

“Avatara Purusha is a big drama that centres around black comedy and has ample comedy. We have shot the film in two parts and there are many actors who play pivotal roles in the film,” he reveals as he lines up the supporting cast in the film…

Ashutosh Rana:

He plays Darka, a person who runs a black magic institution and trains youngsters. We have shot his parts in Rajasthan. In the first part of the film, we see his character emerge. In the second part, the audience can see a tug-of-war between Sharan sir and him.

Ayyappa Sharma:

He plays Bramha Jois, who is a daivagurugalu. His character is pitted against Darka in the script.


She plays Saikumar’s younger sister. She is pivotal to the script as she loses her brother’s son. In order to solve the family problems, Ashika’s character brings Sharan to pretend as though he is the lost son.


She plays Saikumar’s wife and the mother in the film, a major character. While her husband is an Ayurvedic pandit, he cannot help her sadness after her son’s loss. When Sharan’s character enters, despite doubts of him being fake, Saikumar allows him to play along as he feels this might help her.

Vijay Chendoor:

He plays Bhojaraja, who does all the odd jobs in the household that Sharan enters. He brings in the comic touches to the script.

Balaji Manohar:

He plays the henchman of Darka and carries out all the duties in the institution. He is a significant character in the film.

B Suresha:

He plays a character named Kanti Jois, who has shades of grey. I’d classify him as one of the antagonists of the film.

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