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Adithya Varma Full Movie leaked online

Adithya Varma tamilrockers Adithya Varma has been leaked by Tamilrockers.

Gireesaaya directorial Adithya Varma, a remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, has been leaked by Tamilrockers. Dhruv Vikram and Banita Sandhu play lead roles in the movie.

Tamilrockers is a piracy website known for illegally providing high-definition versions of the latest films, web series and TV shows.

The site operates freely despite a high court order against them. This is because they keep changing their domain extension every single time, making it hard to track the site. Tamilrockers can also be accessed by proxy servers.

Adithya Varma was given 3 stars by indianexpress.com’s S Subhakeerthana. Subhakeerthana wrote, “Adithya casually asks “physical help” from a leading actress, when Meera walks out of his life. Adithya barks worse than his dog when the actress mentions ‘love’. He thinks a commitment-free relationship is cool. You don’t understand why exactly Adithya is in love with Meera. They neither have deep conversations about life nor spend quality time outside the bedroom. They have great sex, but where’s ‘love’?”

“Meera tells Adithya it’s her birthday. After wishing her, they have sex. He doesn’t even make an effort to buy her a thoughtful gift. I feel there is no difference between the relationship Adithya and Meera had and the bond Adithya and the actress had. Just that here, Adithya liked Meera more. Maybe, Adithya didn’t feel like asking Meera, “Can we be friends without benefits”, like how he asked the actress,” she added.

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