‘Animal Crossing’ somehow inspired a horror movie


“Animal Crossing” is a popular video game series that essentially features players as cute avatars going about their day. As they live their virtual lives, they’re surrounded by equally cute, anthropomorphic animals that they can choose to interact with or even befriend.

So how in Sam Hill can something so wholesome inspire a horror movie?

Anime News Network reports that an “Animal Crossing” horror short called “Don’t Peek” was published online last year to over a million views. Now the project—after having a screening at the SXSW online festival in March—is getting a feature-length makeover.

Deadline states that the feature film will be headed by Timur Bekmambetov, a director best known for his high-paced, violent films such as the first-person perspective romp, “Hardcore Henry.”

While other details of the project remain unknown, the plot will most likely follow that of the short, which involves a terrifying creature trying to cross over into our world. This proves that anything—wholesomeness aside—can be made into something scary.

Further information with concerns to the “Animal Crossing” horror movie remains pending.


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