Another corona virus positive case in Rajasthan, screening of one thousand people


The individual who came back from Dubai was worked up after the crown infection was sure and in excess of 1000 individuals who interacted with it have been screened. Individuals have been screened any place they went, from the bank to the market.

So far in Rajasthan, 782 travelers from 33 locale have been distinguished for crown infection screening, who have been discovered solid during the every day screening done by clinical groups.

Under the way toward screening for 28 days every day from the date of appearance of the crown infection influenced travelers from China and different nations, so far the length of 294 travelers has been finished.

The time of contamination and spread of crown infection among suspected travelers is consistently finishing. A sum of 213 flights and 30400 travelers have been screened at International Airport Sanganer Jaipur up until this point.

Another crown infection constructive case in Rajasthan, screening of one thousand individuals

With this, the office of Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been begun in SMS Medical College from 2 February. So far examples of 357 people have been tried. Of these, 2 patients have been discovered positive and 1 occupant of Jaipur. The staying 351 examples have been discovered negative and the consequence of 3 examples is yet to come.


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