Another Pandemic Rises – This DISEASE Is Worse Thank CORONA?


Hyderabad, India: Since the past couple of months, CoVID-19 pandemic is on a rise. Country after other, this virus had killed over 2500k+ humans across the world. Again, another heavily dangerous than Fedanus and Alturas another dangerous bacterial disease is about to rise. This will be the other pandemic to humankind.

This is another dangerous disease on the rise which is more powerful than the Corona Virus. With the increase in humidity another oldest disease is getting a rebirth.

Another Pandemic After CoVID-19?

GLOBAL WARMING is another enemy to living species on the earth. Since the start of The Industrial Revolution, mankind had taken no much importance to decrease global warming. Now, this leads to the birth of another disease which is more powerful than the coronavirus.

Early 2016 in summer, a heatwave hit northern Antarctica which melted Siberian iceberg. This made a rebirth to the frozen bacteria anthrax. Upon investigation, it was found that the dead body of a Rain Deer since 1941 was stuck in the iceberg. Thereafter through the heatwave, this bacteria survived on the top surface of the water which later infected 2000+ raindeers. Slowly 115+ people of native Siberian got infected to anthrax. Since COVID-19 has the same past of zoonosis.

Comparatively the region of Antarctica has the highest melting rate of icebergs compared to any other pole. With this effect, its been out that the frozen bacterias in those icebergs will turn out another pandemic.

This DISEASE Is Worse Thank CORONA? Another Pandemic Rises

As dozens of people died with Spanish Flu Virus in early 1918 were buried there. Through these bodies deadliest viruses than corona might get birth.

There are a plethora of traces that different viruses survived on the earth 30,000 years ago. These are known as pandoravirus. Scientists have found that more than two viruses of the past 300 decades were reborn in 2014 at suntra.

Traces of millions of viruses are found in the layers of death. But the unknown fact is that they are infectious to human or not. So the entire mankind needs to get ready to survive for upcoming pandemics and focus measures to down global warming.


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