Are there Clouds in Mars Atmosphere? Here is the video sent by Rover

While planet Mars is considered an alternative place in the solar system for existence of life the big question is – whether the atmosphere in this red planet is suitable for living beings? In this context, a recently shot video footage from Mars has provided hope for this long cherished wish of humans.

Dr Paul Byrne, a scientist at the North Carolina State University has shared the video a video footage shot in planet Mars that shows presence of clouds in this Red planet.

As per reports, a rover named Curiosity that is of about the size of a car had landed on Mars on 6 August 2021. This rover has recently caged some scenes from Mars. Rover Curiosity has captured stunning footage of clouds passing in the sky of the Red planet. The footage is reportedly captured on 19 March 2021. Dr Byrne took to twiiter and shared the video.

The navigation cam fixed on the rover Curiosity has captured five minutes of footage through eight separate visuals, according to a report in The Independent.

A report on European Space Agency has clearly explained about the atmosphere on Mars. The clouds that we can see in the video posted by Dr. Byrne seems identical to that of our home planet earth. However, due to the vast difference in atmospheres of Earth and Mars, the clouds must have formed in different ways.

On the other hand, snow was detected on the surface of Mars by the Phoenix lander in 2008, according to the Independent. But unlike on Earth, snow on Mars is formed by carbon dioxide.

Hence, Mars, though considered an alternative place in the solar system where life can exist, there are many differences in the atmospheric condition of both the planets.

Updated: March 24, 2021 — 11:38 am

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