How To Get Followers On TikTok Without Downloading Apps


TikTok is the second largest online video platform in India after Youtube. Everyday thousands of new Short Videos are uploaded and the number of viewers is in millions. This is the reason that like YouTube here, the number of Creators is also in millions, who put their short videos on Tiktok. Tiktok is a very good platform to succeed in today’s era, especially for those who remain free all day or do no jobs.

But being successful on tiktok like youtube and getting followers is not an easy task. Everyone here can not easily become famous and cannot earn money. There is a lot of hard work and the need to create new content that people like, only then you can create your fan here and move forward.

If you also make Tiktok videos and you are not getting much views, then today we are going to tell you through this article how you can increase your Tiktok Fans and Followers and can quickly become successful by making your identity here. Here are some tips for you that will help you to increase followers on Tiktok. So let’s start and know how to increase your fans or followers on Tiktok.

How to increase fans and followers on Tiktok

How To Get Followers On TikTok Without Downloading Apps
How To Get Followers On TikTok Without Downloading Apps

If you also like Tiktok and post content on it, then you will want to have millions of fans and followers. You cannot do this in a magic way overnight, but if you work by making the right strategy, then your number of fans can increase here. Here are some tips for what you should do

#1 Post Original Content

There is already a lot of content on Tiktok and the content is important on it. If you post content like others, you will not get much views and followers. You need to find a way to show yourself different. How you dress, how you act, how your script is, it has a direct effect on your following. So always try to put some unique here and post only original content.

#2 Upload regular videos

If you want to become a Tiktok star then upload the video according to a schedule. You must put some video every day on Tiktok. If it is not possible to take videos every day, then you should leave one day and put one video in a day or week. But do this at a fixed time so that those who like you know at what time you put the video. It is also very important to put videos on schedule here and can be helpful for you.

#3 Include Popular Music

Background music has great significance in Tiktok’s short video. The more background music you include in the video, the better your video will look. For this, take trending music from Tiktok’s library, not of your choice, but include it in the video. Videos are more likely to go viral with trending music. So always make videos with good and trending music.

#4 Perform Duets

You may have noticed that big tiktok stars make duets videos with another big star. Try to do the same. Teaming up with other people on Tiktok can be the way to reach new circles and groups. A separate feature for creating duets is also available on Tiktok. So you use the Duets feature.

#5 Learn from Experts

Seeing other videos, try to learn something new from them and improve yourself. Before starting your video, you should browse the For You section. Here you will find thousands of Likes on some videos. You can learn from them and do something new. Doing this can also be very beneficial for you and can help in increasing your Fans.

#6 Include #tag (hashtag)

You can think of including the trendiest topics and #Tag in your videos and by using it you can increase your fans and followers. Incorporating #tag can help you establish yourself on any platform and move forward. Therefore, give importance to it.

By adopting these tips, you can do a good job on TikTok and increase your followers and fans. You should manage your Tiktok account well and should also focus on learning how to put videos here and compare yourself with other big Tiktok users or with their videos to see how you Can compare

#7 Third Party Apps Or Tools For Boost Tiktok Subscribers

There are some third party tools or apps that claim to increase followers by following you on a Tiktok account. But to what extent is there truth in it, it is not possible to say. Using such apps and trying to increase followers through them is effective, it is not 100% confirmed.

But, still if you want to use such tools or apps and want to increase your followers through it, then we tell you some apps, which you can try using.

  • TikFame – Free TikTok Followers
  • TikBooster – Fans And Followers
  • Teek Tok App

You can try these five tools (apps) or websites. These tools claim to increase followers etc. on Tiktok for free. Now how far this is right and how far it is effective, we cannot say this. You can try and try. Apart from this, there are some Paid Tools that help you grow on Tiktok by taking some amount. The rest is your choice as to what you do. You can also grow your Tiktok account by following our suggested tips and proceed further. Hope you have liked this article and it will be helpful for you. If you like the article, share it and for any suggestion or question related to it, please make your question in the comment box below.


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