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Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2020 (Download Free Anime Movies & Series)



best torrent sites for anime

Finding free anime torrent websites to download famous anime series and movies has always been a cumbersome process. Half of them aren’t easily available, while the other half provides incomplete episodes, degraded quality, or abrupt content. This is why we have come to waver your worries away!

Top Torrent Sites for Anime in 2020

Today We have brought to you the 7 best Anime torrent sites that you can hop on to whenever you want, to fetch whatever you want! Here, have a look! 

1. Nyaa

nyaa torrents site

  • Best Features: amazing UI, no adware, updated daily, pretty popular
  • What’s in Store: all things anime
  • Availability: blocked in some parts of the world
  • Monthly Visits: 35,000,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs: &
  • Link:

Overview: The first one to top our list is obviously Nyaa which is one of the popular torrent websites for anime in 2020. It has been there for a while but managed to gather immense popularity quite recently. It also had a rocky past with a series of ups and downs, but the site has managed to sail through it strong, after all. 

All the content has been beautifully sectionalized and indexed in a sorted manner. The drill is quite simple, you launch the site on your web browser and you see a list of torrents for anime available that you can download for free. 

Nyaa gives you the upper hand of sorting the displayed list manually. You can do so according to various categories, that is name, size, date, or number of leechers and seeders.

All you have to do is click on the torrent you’d like to download and it will show you a preview. This is exceptionally beneficial for users as it ensures that the user knows that they’re downloading the correct content.

Another great thing about this site is that you don’t need to go through the cumbersome process of creating an account of registering yourself. You can avail of all of its services for free! 

The best part apart from its clean and simple UI is that its lack of adware which makes the user experience seamless. No annoying ads, no frequent pop-ups, and no click ads. Consequently, no malware either. So you can browse freely! 

2. 9Anime


  • Best Features: Allows you to stream without any glitches or hassles
  • What’s in Store: tons of anime that you can watch, also tv-shows
  • Availability: blocked by certain IPs
  • Monthly Visits: 29,260,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs: &
  • Link:

Overview: Sometimes it’s hard to download or stream your favourite anime from torrents on mobile devices, and we cannot deny that. 9Anime is actually a streaming service, and it comes next because of its convenience.

When you’re unable to download your favourite anime, what do you do? Give up on it? Well, 9Anime ensures that doesn’t occur. You can directly head over to its website and stream anime online instead.

9Anime has a smooth user interface with a grid that displays the list of anime. All you have to do is choose and click on it. Once you do that, 9Anime will offer you the choice to stream it in whichever quality you want.

The only downside of this site is that it has adware, so you’re bound to run into frequent pop-ups and annoying click ads from time to time. This is why it is recommended to install an ad blocker on your device. What an ad blocker does is that it blocks the popup or occurrences of any and every ad possible, thus enhancing the user experience. Simple and handy! 

3. HorribleSubs


  • Best Features: always updated, smooth UI that facilitates easy navigation
  • What’s in Store: anime series and movies
  • Availability: blocked by certain IPs
  • Monthly Visits: 9,680,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs: &
  • Link:

Overview: We all know the amount of anime series that is available and out there to watch, and the sheer range of categories from shoujo to shounen to seinen. Regardless of what your anime needs are, HorribleSubs is here to ensure that you are browsing the perfect anime torrenting site compared to other platforms.

The size of this, along with the collection that its P2P library encompasses is huge. This is what has earned it the title of the biggest anime torrent site. And the best part is yet to come it also has an anime community!

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can not only download anime but also ramble and fawn about your favourites ones in the forum. Others can recommend to you some great anime masterpieces to watch and you can do the same. The whole feature contributes to enhancing the overall user experience of this site. You can communicate with other otakus through comments or IRC.

Whenever you click on a torrent to download, the site offers a preview of the content you’re downloading. This helps the user confirm whether they are downloading the correct content or not.

Also, there is a dedicated section called ‘Scheduled’. Here, you can keep a tab on all the up and coming anime content on the website. Upon clicking download, 9Anime offers you an option to choose the content quality ranging from 480p to 1080p. So no wonder why HorribleSubs is the best anime torrent site. 

4. AnimeTosho

animetosho site

  • Best Features: provides subtitles along with the anime content
  • What’s in Store: anime series and movies
  • Availability: up and running worldwide, however, some universities or organizations might have blocked it
  • Monthly Visits: 1,040,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs:
  • Link:

Overview: AnimeTosho also has a community filled with otakus who hop onto the forum for daily discussions. A site largely dedicated to all kinds of torrents for animated movies and series, AnimeTosho is something that you visit for both fun and functions.

The website is majorly made for anime torrents, and it also encompasses a massive group of anime junkies. To simply put, due to the high number of fans, there is automatically more number of seeders. This contributes to the download speed. This is one such Top Anime torrenting website that you can hop onto for a quick download, thanks to the number of seeds.

The language that this site uses is English, which makes things easier as it is a universal language. Plus, the user interface design of the site is quite clean and simple, resulting in seamless user experience. The site is themed on the darker sides, with deep colours of blue and blacks which is aesthetically pleasing. 

AnimeTosho isn’t just limited to anime torrents, but it also has other content available for download, such as ebooks, tv shows, music, and so forth. If in case AnimeTosho is unreachable, its mirror URL never disappoints and is always up. So, you have a backup whenever and wherever you need it! 

5. AnimeUltime

AnimeUltime site

  • Best Features: complete series, allows streaming too, has an amazing community and discussion forum
  • What’s in Store: anime series and movies
  • Availability: up and running in every nook and cranny
  • Monthly Visits: 880,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs:
  • Link:

Overview: This is another best site to download all English Dubbed Anime series in 2020, which is designed and developed by otakus. And the site is from France! This too has an anime community where there’s something new every day to talk about, with thousands of active users participating each day. If you too want to be a part of the community and actively contribute to the discussions, you’ll have to register yourself by creating an account.

When you land on the homepage upon visiting the site, you will see a straightforward list of trending anime. AnimeUltime also allows you to sort it based on various aspects like name, time, size, etc. 

The site has two main downsides to it. First of all, it is in French, since it was made by French people in the first place. However, technology has advanced quite a lot in the 21st century, so translating the page into English shouldn’t be a major problem.

Next is that this site heavily depends on Adobe Flash. This can actually exhaust up your device’s resources and consume too much power, time, and data because such sites are usually quite loaded. 

Even though these two problems persist, we cannot deny that they aren’t major enough to restrict yourself from visiting them in the first place. They have quick fixes, so let your worries rest and hop onto this peer to peer file sharing website to turn your otaku side on! 

6. AniDex

anidesk site

  • Best Features: daily upgrades, fun community, and a wide range of categories to choose from
  • What’s in Store: anime movies, series, adult videos, comics, games, audio, software, and more.
  • Availability: up and running in every nook and cranny
  • Monthly Visits: 800,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs: Not available
  • Link:

Overview: You might feel like this is an age-old website that facilitates peer to peer file sharing when it comes to its looks and you can easily find the best torrents for free anime downloads online. Well, yes, it is. The user interface might seem outdated as it is a bit old but that’s exactly the reason why it is still downloaded on the slowest of search engines and by the slowest of data speeds. 

When you open up this website, you’ll come across an unending list of torrents with their contents mentioned alongside. As this site specializes in anime torrents, it brings about a wide variety of content for you to select from. It can range from anime movies, cartoon shows, TV series, comics, music, video games, and more. All of them are presented by the web site’s navigation bar on the home page. you can also download free cartoon shows on this website.

Take note that AniDex is actually an emerging website. Due to the fewer number of seeders and leechers, you might find it hard to download files as they can have slow download speeds. Especially the almost obsolete, old ones, can take up a lot of time to get finally downloaded to your device. 

If all you are searching for is generic anime, then this site is just as good as the others. However, if you are looking for hidden gems, you might want to resort to the ones we’ve mentioned above as they will ensure both availability and high download speed. 

7. BakaBT

bakabt anime site

  • Best Features: exclusive community and has high-quality anime content
  • What’s in Store: anime series and movies
  • Availability: up and running worldwide
  • Monthly Visits: 330,000+ visits
  • Mirror URLs: Not available
  • Link:

Overview: BakaBT has the cutest user interface among all of the mentioned websites. The homepage itself is so clean and crisp with random characters drawn, that you’ll immediately feel as if you’ve transported to the world of manga and anime in a quaint little cafe in Japan. Also, the name rings a bell of the popular anime Baka and Test, doesn’t it?

It’s in the rumours that BakaBT is a secret anime downloading torrents community. People say that you have to exclusively invited by the website’s team to get a chance to be a part of the community in the first place. 

Plus, they are quite an in-house community that values their culture. To make sure that you’re an actual otaku, they will set up an interview where they will ask you various anime-related questions. If you pass the test, you’ll be invited in. If not, you might have to stay out. 

However, the downside of this anime torrent website is that you cannot download the torrents without passing the test. Once you’re invited and in, you can download anything and everything from their massive anime library. 

If you’re keen on joining their teen, you need to use IRC. BakaBT has two channels currently, one known as #BakaBT and the other being #bakabt-support. Keep a tab on this group and you shall be invited for an interview eventually. If you get it, well and good! 


That is it otakus! That is our take on the 7 best torrent sites for anime downloading. A word of caution is you should always use one best VPN while torrenting to keep your IP address hidden, to stay out of legal hassles. Turn your otaku mode on, visit these latest anime torrents accessing websites to get what you are looking for, and start binging!

Disclaimer (Important)

The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote online websites that are using pirated content to stream. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided the links of the websites to download or listen to music online.

Accessing the pirated content in any form is against the law, and this article is not meant to advocate or encourage it. Piracy is an online offence and can steep fines or imprisonment. We don’t claim any content that is shared on this page as ours. we are just providing the information that you need.

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