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What Are Some Of The Best YouTube Tricks?

Best YouTube Tricks
Best YouTube Tricks
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YouTube Tricks: Youtube hidden tricks make it too easy to increase our productivity on the platform. A youtube URL tricks make it too easy to download youtube videos without using any third-party downloader tools on your device.

Youtube tricks 2019 are completely outdated now. With the new UI and Creator Studio, the platform brings advanced backed tools. These tools need more updated youtube tricks to get more views.

Youtube search tricks help us to get the desired content which we are looking for. These tips and tricks for youtube channels are completely unique and help you get free Youtube Premium hacks too. Get ready for these latest youtube tips and tricks 2020.

Latest YouTube Tricks, Hacks

#1 Youtube Premium Free

What is youtube premium for? Ofcourse to get rid of those annoying non-skippable ads and other advertisements on the platform. Do you know that you can skip all ads of a youtube video? Yes you can do this without using any thrid-party extension or app. All you have to do is just follow the below steps sequentially and have fun.

Skip Youtube Ads Free:

  1. Go to youtube.com and search for the video which you want to watch.
  2. Skip the ads in the beginning.
  3. Now forward the video till the end and let it show the feature of replay.
  4. Then start playing the video from the beginning.

Now you can see that all that all the in-video ads are gone. You can now watch the entire video without those irritating ads in between. This is the best youtube hack to use. As this tweak or hack makes it too easy to skip all the in-video youtube ads.

#2 Stream Only Orignal HD Videos

Youtube supports the best quality videos to stream for you. Creators can upload 4K-16K videos to youtube. But what if you want to surf only High Definition videos to show in the search result skipping all the low-quality videos.

You’we use the default youtube search filter to help with the taks. But there is another faster method to do it.

One of the best methods is to use , HD with the keyword you search on the platform. This make the search result show HD videos only.

#3 Know Whats Top On YouTube

A plethora of websites shows the results of topmost on youtube. Like the top liked video on youtube and the topmost video with the highest views. Without using those websites and their yearly analytics, you can use this channel MyTop100Videos which share the playlists of all the popular and viral videos on the platform.

#4 Loop A Video On YouTube

When the best drop hits, you’we get addicted to it. This makes us to play the same song or music video again and again. To do this a plethora of us repeat the same video and have fun. But what if youtube automatically loop the video for infinite times.

Simply Right Click on the video and Enable **LOOP**. This makes the same video to be played for infinite repetitions.

#5 Watch Youtube Video On Desktop Screen

We want to watch youtube videos along with the work done on another window. While this is something like a small popup that plays the video and you’we work on the full screen. With the help of this chrome extension “Floating for YouTube” makes it easy to do so.

Install the app to your Chrome desktop browser and run the app. Post the link of the youtube video which you want to watch in the float mode.

This is one of the best tools which helps students to go through with a class and write running notes. A plethora of coding tutorials can be made easy to learn with live floating youtube screens.

Wrapping up, These were Some Of The Best YouTube Tricks of 2020. Hope you found these tricks interesting and informative. Make sure to share this post on your social walls. Also share your impressions in the comments section below.