Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 – Jazla Madasseri revealing about bigg boss house experience

Jasla Madassery is an ongoing star out of Big Boss. Jasla was perhaps the most grounded hopeful in the Bigg Boss house. It was essentially with Rijit Kumar that Jasla contested it. Jasla turned out after she clarified that you were the sort of individual who might never miss that house. Subsequent to turning out, Jasla uncovers that there are a few things that Big Boss misses.

Bigg Boss has lost everything inside the house. Bigg Boss Sound was something I adored the most. I was alarmed to hear that sound. There has been no purposeful wearing of the mic. It was to hear that voice. Also, similar to my family, the cameras had changed. In the wake of turning out, the primary call was made by family and partners. In the wake of restoring, the telephone is overlooked. Jasla said she would return to re-utilize the telephone. I additionally took in an incredible exercise about how we can live without a significant number of the things that we feel are appended to us.

I have frequently thought about what it resembles to escape Bigg Boss. I continue thinking in my brain until I am stomped on and imprisoned in prison. So I had a sentiment of break. I was there for Jenu. “I don’t have anything to do with the game,” Jasla said in a message to BB Cafe.

Updated: April 28, 2020 — 2:02 am

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