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BTS’s ‘Butter’ Is The Biggest No. 1 Hit In The History Of Billboard’s Global Chart

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With BTS being the biggest band in the world right now, it’s no surprise that their new single “Butter” arrived toward the top of charts all around the globe, including on the Billboard Global 200, where the tune starts at No. 1 this frame. The group has been in this position before, but they’ve never ruled over Billboard’s weekly ranking of the most popular songs on the planet with a more powerful cut.

According to Billboard itself, BTS’s latest No. 1 isn’t just a massive hit, it’s the biggest leader of all time on the chart, which is still less than one year old. 

“Butter” opens at No. 1 on the current Billboard Global 200 with 289.2 million plays on streaming platforms and just under exactly one quarter of a million (249,000) copies sold during the tracking week that started on May 21 and wrapped on May 27. Those figures are both records.

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The previous record holder for the largest streaming sum belonged to BTS’s previous leader “Life Goes On,” which instantly opened at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 late last year. The cut was played 152.5 million times on included streaming services. The record for the biggest sales count was also held by the same band, but with a different tune. The South Korean septet’s “Blue & Grey” opened inside the top 10 with just under 87,000 copies purchased in December.

“Butter” broke the previous streaming best showing almost twice over, while the band behind the global smash bested their own sales record almost three times over. Those stats serve to further highlight just how massively popular BTS’s new single was all around the world.

The track, which so far stands alone, but which may soon be connected to an EP or album of some kind, is BTS’s fourth to control the Billboard Global 200, and it furthers their lead over every other act. So far, just two other musicians, Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo, have reached the No. 1 spot more than once.