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Celebration Special Performances Elimination Updates!


The show has a very strong fan base. This show is getting huge TRP among all other shows. The popularity of the show is giving confidence to the contestants so that they can perform well every time. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will see some amazing performances of the contestants along with the Vijay Star’s fabulous performances. The episode is going to fill with lots of good singing and dancing performances which will entertain its viewers very much.

In the latest episode, the contestants of the Cook with Comali show which is a cooking-based show will arrive in the Super Singer. They are going to grace the show with their performance. They are going to enjoy all the performances of the singers and also will perform with them. The ex-participants are really very excited and nervous at the same time to perform with them. They have made a grand entry on the show and everyone seems very happy to see them on the show. The presence of ex-mates of Cook with Comali will amaze everyone very much.

In the episode, Singer Bharath is going to perform one of the very hit songs along with ex-mate Shivangi. They will amuse everyone with their exceptional performance. They will receive good compliments for their performance. Judge Kalpana will say for their performance “Semma Semma Semma Semma”. The judges look very happy with their performance and also everyone enjoys their performance so much. Everyone seems very amazed when they saw Shivangi’s singing.

Apart from this, many performances are going to happen in the episode to excite the viewers. Well, along with singing and dancing performances, some games will also take place in the show such as guess the song name. First, Bharath will play with an ex-mate of CWC 2, Bharat will struggle hard for guessing which enjoys. All the contestants are going to deliver some beautiful performances to impress the judges.

Last week, Anu Anand became the Best Performer of the week as he performed commendably. The contestants are performing very well as ex-contestants of CWC 2 are accompany them. It is going to be very excited to see who will be the best performer and will be eliminated this week.