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CODEX team released the Ashen Crack PC, Just launched on Epic Launcher exclusively DRM free


Ashen is the action role-playing game by A44 and Annapurna Interactive and today is the day it will be released on Epic Launcher. Just after hours of release, CODEX the notorious scene group released Ashen Crack PC which can be downloaded from torrent websites.

CODEX released the Ashen Crack PC

CODEX is one of the most active in the scene group in releasing the cracks for games. In the past few months, the groups are really very quick and active as they release game cracks just after some days of release. Some of the game even got cracked in a single day and Ashen is one of the games. The game was initially DRM free on Epic Games which can explain it got cracked so quickly after release.

What is Ashen?

Ashen is an open world co-op action RPG about a wanderer in search of a place to call home. The publisher hasn’t revealed the game release date instead it got a surprise release which is today.

Ashen Crack for PC

The game is aesthetically pleasing and you would like it if you are a fan of minimalistic games. However, the game is not as sweet as it might look. The game features stamina based combat which will provide the player a sense of satisfaction as he defeats the enemies he will encounter during his journey.

During the journey, you will face many visitors and you will get the chance to invite them in your town. But these aren’t mere adventurers. They’re potential collaborators, bringing a plethora of crafting skills, from blacksmithing to foraging expertise, in tow.

Ashen Crack PC Released NFO by CODEX

Here is the image of the released NFO of Ashen Crack by CODEX

Ashen Crack PC

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While you’re here check out the beautiful PC screenshots of Ashen taken from Steam and Epic Games website:

You can get the game from Epic Games official website. What do you have to say, now that Ashen is cracked? Let us know down in the comments section.

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