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Cody Rhodes Teases New Title In AEW



AEW Dynamite is heading to TBS in 2022, but the TNT Title isn’t going anywhere. While the promotion’s television championship won’t be getting a new name, Cody Rhodes says brand new titles are being floated around backstage.

Speaking on a media call, Rhodes shut down rumors of a TBS title being discussed, but teased the incorporation of a new championship that would involve AEW’s teams.

“The TBS title has not been discussed yet, but another title as a lot of people can guess has been the title that has been more discussed about potentially coming in the future,” Rhodes said. “I’ll let y’all speculate on what that is. Hint hint, we have a lot of people, teams, on the roster.”

Even though it hasn’t been discussed, Rhodes emphasized to never say never when it comes to a TBS title.

“You never know. Remember the origins of the TNT Title was WarnerMedia, our television partner and provider, was the one that wanted us to have it,” Rhodes said. “That was a first in all of wrestling, for your partner in the space to say, ‘We’d like you to represent us,’ which is why we’ll keep it the TNT Title throughout its time. It’s my favorite belt in all of wrestling.”

In just over two years since their debut event, AEW has performed at an exceptional and consistent rate. The young promotion has seen strong turnouts for both weekly television and their quarterly pay-per-views, while also cleaning up in year-end awards from the Wrestling Observer.

AEW’s unprecedented rise has come as a surprise to some, but not Rhodes.

“I guess the way I’d put it is I’m not surprised at the expansion, but I’ve always been the eternal pessimist,” Rhodes said. “The reasoning for that is I grew up in a wrestling family. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘Oh, this show’s going to get TV. This is going to be on this network.’ It was not until Tony Khan that wrestling was able to be brought back to a comparable network and actually have an alternative and a challenger in the space that has been [without one] for almost two decades. Even that, I know this can all end on the drop of a hat, but it is amazing how quickly we’ve expanded. Especially now expanding into the TBS territory.”

Rhodes added that his idea of what AEW can and should be has crossed over with what his fellow executive vice presidents, Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, want for the company.

“As far as my vision: my vision I think has intersected with the Bucks’ vision and Kenny’s vision and of course with Tony’s vision,” Rhodes said. “And that I really enjoy because it creates a fluid identity for the show itself. There’s nothing that’s going to be AEW 101. It’s never ‘business as usual’ with AEW, especially with the roster we have. I think my vision has been truly respected. It’s intersected with the Bucks’ vision, with Kenny’s vision. And then Tony’s outlook on what wrestling can be. His fearless endeavoring and to keep expanding and grow. The success story we’ve been for WarnerMedia. All this long-winded answer to say I’m not surprised, but it is absolutely something I do not take for granted, that we’ve been able to expand and bring so many casual and lapsed fans back into the space.”

AEW presents Double or Nothing this Sunday night live on PPV.

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Manchin Noncommittal on Renewing Biden Child Tax Credit Flowing to West Virginians



  • Sen. Joe Manchin is noncommittal on extending the child tax credit.
  • On Tuesday, he told Insider “everybody’s still talking and working. It’s a work in progress.”
  • Millions of children are receiving the CTC, hundreds of thousands of them in Manchin’s home state.

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On Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia didn’t commit to approving the one-year child tax credit expansion as it’s laid out in the $2 trillion House-approved social spending package. It raises the prospect of further changes to the proposed cash benefit.

“Everybody’s still talking,” Manchin told Insider. “Everybody’s still talking and working. It’s a work in progress.”

He’d previously pushed for a work requirement as a condition to receiving the federal help.

Manchin’s noncommittal approach to the benefit underscores the potential adjustments to the House legislation now traveling through the evenly divided Senate. House Democrats approved the sprawling climate, health, and childcare package which contains the bulk of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda on November 19. Now all 50 Senate Democrats must coalesce around the package so it can clear the upper chamber.

Around $190 billion is set aside to renew the bulked-up child tax credit. It’s reached tens of millions of children in the form of monthly payments since July, including many in Manchin’s home state. Over 346,000 West Virginian kids have qualified for the aid, per the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy.

It provides up to $300 a month per child age 5 and under, or $3,600 annually. For children between ages 6 and 17, families can receive $250 each month, or $3,000 yearly. And it would lock in the ability for the vast majority of American families to tap into the aid every month, regardless of whether they file taxes.

Experts and advocates say the measure has played a critical role in cutting child poverty. An August analysis from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University indicated the child poverty rate dropped to 12% from 16% after the first checks went out. That amounts to three million kids that no longer live below the poverty line.

“It’s kind of a breakthrough idea here in Washington that we should just increase their financial resources to lift them out of poverty, and it’s working,” Andy Boardman, a research assistant at the nonpartisan Urban Institute, said in an interview. “We’re seeing poverty is down among families who are receiving the child tax credit, food insecurity is down. So it’s been hugely, hugely impactful.”

It’s also helped families buy school supplies, cover rent, and put food on the table, Insider previously reported.

The Biden administration has aggressively touted the child tax credit in recent months. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the sharp drop in food insecurity among families “a profound economic and moral victory for the country” at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

The child allowance has virtually no support among Republican lawmakers. Some like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell assailed it as a “welfare deposit.” The last monthly payment is set to go out on December 15, and 35 million families could be deprived of aid if Congress doesn’t step in.

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Donald Trump says Boris Johnson making ‘big mistake’ backing wind power



Donald Trump has warned Boris Johnson he is making a “big mistake” by backing “ridiculous” wind farms to drive the UK’s push to a net zero carbon economy.

The former US president said he still liked the British Prime Minister but claimed that he was wrong to support renewable wind energy.

The UK has become a world leader in wind energy, particularly offshore, and Mr Johnson has pushed for Britain to become to wind what Saudi Arabia is to oil in the drive to reach net zero by 2050.

I think wind is… ridiculous

Donald Trump

Investment in the technology over the past decade or more has led to the world’s largest wind farm, Hornsea One, being built in the North Sea off the east Yorkshire coast.

But Mr Trump, in an interview with former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said the UK was destroying its landscape by permitting the turbines to be installed.

Speaking to Mr Farage on GB News, the businessman – who owns golf courses in Scotland and Ireland – said: “He’s wrong, Boris is wrong if he’s going heavy into wind.

“He’s making a big mistake.”

The former White House incumbent labelled wind power the “most expensive form of energy”.

In comments made in Florida on Monday and due to be aired this week, Mr Trump said: “I think wind is, I think it’s ridiculous.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pictured onboard the Esvagt Alba during a visit to the Moray Offshore Windfarm East, off the Aberdeenshire coast (Jane Barlow/PA)

(PA Wire)

The one-term president added: “Remember, every 10 years, you have to replace those monsters.

“And a lot of times they don’t bother. You know what they do? They just let them rot. They kill all the birds, they are so bad.”

Despite the criticism, Mr Trump – defeated by Joe Biden in last year’s presidential election – said he was fond of the Prime Minister, who he suggested had become “more liberal”.

“I like him. I get along with him. I’ve always gotten along with him,” Mr Trump said.

“He’s gone a little bit on the more liberal side.

“But I’ll tell you with energy, I’m surprised that he would allow that to happen because you have one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

“And you’re destroying it with all these wind turbines all over the place.”

Mr Johnson has not always been an advocate for wind power. In 2013, he said wind farms could not “pull the skin off a rice pudding”.

The interview with Mr Trump,  which touches on a range of subjects, including the royal family, the presidential election, the subsequent Capitol Hill riots, Black Lives Matter, the migrant crisis in the US and the UK, and the question of whether he plans to run for office again, is due to air at 7pm on Wednesday.

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Covid deaths: 1,438 get aid in city | Ahmedabad News



Ahmedabad: The district collector office has so far disbursed the Covid death aid of Rs 50,000 to 1,438 families in the past five days. The similar number of applications are already under process, said authorities. In all, Ahmedabad city has 3,319 recorded deaths and district 93.
Sandip Sagale, Ahmedabad collector, said that the process is expedited, and they are working on the details collected by teams. TNN


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