Colbert man considers himself ‘lucky’ after attack by wild-dog pack

Athens Banner-Herald

A Madison County man said Sunday that he will receive his last rabies shot on Thursday after he survived what he considered a savage attack by a pack of dogs near his home outside Colbert.

The attack occurred about 4 p.m. Oct. 15 off Farm Road, according to a Madison County Sheriff’s Office report.

“I’m lucky, period,” Stacy Powers said. ”If them dogs had got me on the ground — I’m a pretty good size guy — and if it was anybody smaller or an older person, the dogs would have killed them.”

Powers said he was grading a driveway on a Bobcat tractor when he noticed some of the dogs attack the machine.

Later, he decided to get a drink of water.

“When I got off the Bobcat, one dog tried to bite me, and out of the blue they came at me,” he said. He tried to escape the horde of teeth by climbing on the hood of a car.


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