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Corona epidemic declared, what will change?


The World Health Organization has now declared the corona virus a pandemic.

Before now, the WHO had not called the corona virus an epidemic.

An epidemic is called a disease that is spreading to people in different countries of the world at the same time.

WHO President Dr. Tedrose Adenom Gebreyesos has said that he is now using the term pandemic for the corona virus because the inactivity of the virus is worrisome.

This definition is used only for those infectious diseases that spread rapidly in many countries through simultaneous contact between people.

Earlier in 2009, swine flu was declared an epidemic. According to experts, several lakh people died due to swine flu.

An epidemic is more likely to occur when the virus is completely new, easily infecting people and spreading effectively and continuously through contact between people.

The corona virus fulfills all these criteria.

There is no cure or vaccine for Corona virus yet. Stopping the spread of virus is the most important.

Why is the corona virus now called an epidemic?

At the end of February, Dr. Tedrose said that the corona virus has the potential to become an epidemic, but it is not yet an epidemic because we are not seeing its uncontrolled expansion around the world.

But now the number of countries in which corona cases have come up. According to the latest data, 118000 cases have been reported in 114 countries so far.

But changing the language or definition about the virus will not affect how the virus is spreading.

But the WHO feels that now countries will become more serious about this.

Dr. Tedrose said, “Some countries are struggling with lack of capacity. Some are struggling with lack of resources. And some countries are suffering from lack of willpower.”

He said that WHO wants all countries to take this step

Emergency response mechanism should be implemented and its capacity increased

People should be told about its dangers and rescue.

Search, test, treat every case of corona virus infection and identify all the people who come in contact with them.