Coronavirus deaths: Female hormone progesterone can save men, study


It was found that as compared to the control group, the group that was given hormone treatment scored 1.5 points on average higher. This group also saw fewer days of hospitalisation overall and a lower need for supplemental oxygen and ventilation.

Though there was not a significant difference between both the categories.

There is no harm in trying hormone treatment as there are no side effects. Two patients didn’t survive the 15 day study period, one from each group.

As per the researchers, progesterone is known to possess certain anti-inflammatory properties, which could have shortened the often fatal ‘cytokine storms’ that can be dangerous for many.

Though the findings encourage using progesterone to treat men with COVID-19, the study had limitations. A further study on a large scale, which includes a more heterogeneous population is necessary to confirm the findings.


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