Coronavirus vaccine: 5 post-vaccine mistakes that can make you get reinfected by COVID


Travelling post vaccination assumes a lower risk, as long as you follow precautions. However, negligent travel should still be out of bounds.

Vaccination will open doors for people to travel freely in the world and many families to reuinite. However, experts do feel that till the time we do not have enough people getting vaccinated and other risk factors mitigated, travelling should be done cautiously. Otherwise, there’s still a grave risk of reinfection which could loom over our heads. For example, travelling to high-risk places (where scary surges are being observed), or places, where newer mutations and variants of the virus have been known to circulate, are also observing the appearance of breakthrough cases.

The new mutations may not be effectively tamed down by the vaccines we have right now. Travelling should be encouraged only if people follow appropriate precautions. It’s also important to keep in mind the specifics and risk factors of your travelling situation. For example, if you have 2-3 unvaccinated adults living in a high-risk transmission area and have elderly vaccinated people visiting, more precautions might be needed.


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