Covid-19: Indian pharma develops vaccine that can be taken in capsule form


Premas Biotech, an India-based pharmaceutical company, announced the development of an oral Covid-19 vaccine that can be taken in capsule form, India Today reported.

For this, the Indian pharmaceutical partnered with Oramed Pharmaceutical, a US-based company. The company further claimed that their Covid-19 candidate demonstrates efficacy after a single dose.

The companies further claimed that a single dose of the Oravax Covid-19 capsule is efficacious against Covid-19 infection. This has been proven after launching series of experiments on animals.

The companies stated that the vaccine encourages both systemic immunity by producing Neutralizing Antibodies (IgG) as well as (IgA) immune response, which protects the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts against infection.

The companies stated that the vaccine provides triple protection against Covid-19 by destroying three parts of the virus: spike, membrane, and envelope E targets.


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