COVID live updates: Queensland records one new case of community transmission


Will there be a lockdown?

When asked if there would be a lockdown, Ms Palaszczuk said authorities were “very comfortable where we are”.

“We are very comfortable where things are at the moment, and Queenslanders respond incredibly well, so if everyone keeps up their testing, and the contact tracing, then we are comfortable where we are

“I should also add that last night I also wrote to the Prime Minister as well, asking for the next two weeks to halve the number of our international overseas arrivals, I think this is very important for two reasons. The first reason is you want to be able to concentrate on the contact tracing, and secondly, we are seeing large numbers of positive cases that are coming in.

“Basically, every day over the last fortnight, we have been seeing five or six cases, and the Health Minister will give more details, but we’re almost at the capacity of our hospitals that we were at the peak of the pandemic. That is not to say our hospitals cannot cope, they will be able to cope, but this large influx that we are seeing, and the high rate of people coming back, returned travellers, have been positive.”

Ms Palaszczuk said the new case was a friend of the man who was reported yesterday, from a different household. She said it was up to other states as to their response, but Queensland “isn’t seeing large-scale community transmission, just close contacts”.


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