#YoutubeShorts How To Create A Short Video On YouTube


Youtube introduces SHORTS, a new feature that allows creators to share 60-second clips. Vertically viewed, Shorts is an independent section on the youtube homepage. One can scroll down on their youtube mobile app home, Shorts Videos Panel will appear showing the videos related to users interests.

This new SHORTS section is drastically similar to STORIES on instagram and facebook, and performs similar to tiktok. SHORTS made youtube get their share of the pie. Released in BETA mode for the creators from india.

How Do I UPLOAD SHORTS To Youtube?

How Do I UPLOAD SHORTS To Youtube?
How Do I UPLOAD SHORTS To Youtube?

Released in BETA MODE, SHORTS feature on youtube is technically available to creators from india. This doesn’t mean than creators outside india has no access. They need to share or upload a vertical video of 60 seconds and have to include #SHORTS (HASHTAG SHORTS) in the Title or Description of their video.

Why Should I Use Youtube Shorts?

No creator on youtube hasn’t yet mastered the algorithms behind it. So it’s the right time for you to master it. Explore as much as you can to become expertise!

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