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DaBaby Pretends Not to Know Who Questlove Is After Being Called Out for His Homophobia


Questlove, left; DaBaby

Questlove, left; DaBaby
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Amid the growing outrage over DaBaby’s homophobic comments at Rolling Loud last weekend, hip-hop aficionado and The Roots drummer and songwriter Questlove spoke his piece on the matter as well.

On Wednesday, the Phrenology drummer took to Instagram where he shared a list of several artists he deemed appropriate for an “updated version” of Summer of Soul. Megan Thee Stallion, Sade, A Tribe Called Quest, Rihanna, Sault, Hiatus Kaiyote and The Isley Brothers all made the cut—and so had DaBaby, until his homophobic rant.

“I was hypothetically asked if I was curating an updated version of #SummerOfSoul who would be my acts? I gave my dream list.
And now I’m updating my list—because it’s 2021 & fuck the bullshit,”
Questlove captioned the post (h/t Complex).

“I’m especially not here for any savagery (if you’re lost: Google the idiocy of the crossed out),” he continued. “I’m not trine be all performative smurf & create a social flogging or start some click bait headlines. That’s missing the point. But right is right & his actions are wrong. Somebody Gotta say it: Homophobia/Transphobia/Xenophobia/Misogyny/Racism—this should go w/o saying is morally wrong. & not that fake hiding behind religion holier than thou morally wrong. But ‘that was fucked up’ & wrong.”

Questlove wasn’t done there:

I had to say something. Again I’m not doing this for “what do you want a cookie bro w your “love ye one another” posts?——-black people already have a code about publicly criticizing so I’ll admit i was slow to do this because I mean he don’t know me from Adam. So this will prolly get marked as “old hater” territory. But man…..that shit was not cool at all.

I dunno man—-maybe I’m turning into a grump: barely said anything about Rih in ‘06 (lemme mind my business), looked the other way w ol bol & that MaGa Hat (he going thru thangs let him work it out)——don’t even get me started on half of my rap heroes damn near becoming f*x news talking points w their russian bot reposts & misinformation on all things facts.

He concluded by saying, “Huey Newton wisely stated in the early 70s that we as a people should NEVER go so low in life (with what we been through) that we start oppressing/terrorizing the next man in the way we been terrorized for centuries. Y’all got my point. Sorry this came off awkward but y’all get the point. Y’all gonna learn that there are other human beings living in the space you are.”

On Thursday DaBaby subbed the Things Fall Apart musician, writing in a series of Instagram posts:

“I ain’t even tryna be funny when I say….I do NOT KNOW WHO DIS N*GGA IS DAWG. & do not care about losing you as a fan my boy lol @questlove. You or any other nigga who wanna play follow the leader. This superstar you was a fan of is a standup nigga. Yeen never seen one of these, huh?”

He continued: “These niggas really think they gon influence people to stop fuckin with the influence. They go crazy bout what I say, not y’all. I got da influence and the nuts nigga. Y’all niggas cheerleaders. Y’all extra ass niggas tagging along playing on my top like I’m a nigga you can bully or sum. Going out [of] y’all way creating art work and shit tryna gain new fans off my situation cuz it’s QUIET for y’all niggas.”

He concluded by suggesting that those who are using his situation for clout go to the studio instead and stop trying to “use the LGBTQ community for a comeback.”

Umm…for serious? DaBaby think Questlove needs to use anyone for clout, ever??? Boy, bye—you’re projecting. Also, you’re full of shit.

At this point it’s clear that DaBaby has some serious growing up to do. But in addition to Questlove, Madonna also weighed in on the rapper’s words saying in an Instagram post, “People like you are the reason we are still living in a world divided by fear. All human beings should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or religious beliefs.”

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