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If you love playing a musical instrument, you will always be ready to try your hands on a new musical instrument in that category. For percussionists, there are a variety of musical instruments available that can let you play multiple beats on different instruments with your hands or sticks. If you have ever played the tabla, it is time to try your hands on a digital tabla to try something new. These compact devices can be used to play plenty of beats and can even help you to compose music.

For those who are looking for a good digital tabla online, there are plenty of options that can confuse you. Have a look at this list of trusted options and go for the digital tabla that you find apt for your musical needs.

Popular digital tablas and their features

Digital tabla Features
Sangat Digital, Electronic Tanpura with Tabla 107 thekas and 24 taals
Radel Milan+ 2-in-1 Digital Tanpura- Tabla 15 thekas
Electronic Tabla TTP-107 by Sound Labs 107 thekas and 24 taals
Calcutta Musical Depot Radel Electronic Tanpura And Tabla Lightweight and portable
Radel Taalmala Digi-60Dx Digital Tabla With headphone connectivity

This combination of digital tabla and tanpura can be a great option for music lovers who wish to try different beats or add a background score while playing other instruments. This digital box can let you play a tabla and tanpura together at the same pitch making it great for classical and folk music. With 107 thekas and 24 taals, you have plenty of options while playing the music.

With the option of playing each instrument separately, you have plenty of options of customization while playing this digital instrument.

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When it comes to digital tablas, Radel is a trusted brand online in India. With sounds of real tablas and 4-string tanpuras, you can play plenty of tunes and customize the audio beats with this musical instrument. With 15 commonly used thekas pre-loaded in this device, you can easily use this digital instrument for background music.

With easy to control knobs and easy to understand instructions on the stop of this digital tabla and tanpura, you can easily understand the features of this device.

This compact digital tabla can be another good choice to consider for playing various beats in the background when you are playing other instruments. This instrument is available with 107 thekas and 24 taals to play various beats as per your mood and the requirements of the musical composition.

It can help you play the sound of dholak, tabla, duff and other basic percussion instruments. Since this musical instrument is available with a cover, it is easy to store and carry the device when you are on the go.

If you are looking for an affordable combo of digital tabla and tanpura, here is a good option to consider. This electronic musical instrument has a classic design and colour combination that will look great even on the stage. With automatic tuning options and easy to control knobs, this digital tabla and tanpura is easy to use.

Since it weighs just around 1 kg, it is highly portable. You need not think too much before buying it online.

Here is another digital tabla by Radel that you can buy online and play plenty of beats while composing music, singing and more. This digital tabla has a sleek and compact device which makes it easy to store and carry. With both external speaker and headphone sockets, you can listen to the audio tunes as per your needs.

The features of this digital tabla are easy to understand and are even apt for beginners.

Looking for more options in digital tablas? Explore here.

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