DisplayMate details OnePlus 9 Pro’s A+ score: “close to text book perfect calibration”


DisplayMate did an early review of OnePlus 9 Pro’s LTPO AMOLED screen – the excellent A+ score was used in the marketing building up to yesterday’s official announcement of the phone. How did it get an A+? It set or matched 13 smartphone display performance records, the results of 5 of those were “visually indistinguishable from perfect”.

The screen’s Natural mode can automatically select the right color gamut for the content (sRGB, DCI-P3 or various other standard and non-standard gamuts). If you prefer vibrant colors, the Advanced AMOLED Wide Gamut Mode covers 139% of sRGB and 110% of DCI-P3, the 9 Pro came close to having the widest color gamut ever measured by DisplayMate.

OnePlus 9 Pro's 6.7
OnePlus 9 Pro's 6.7

OnePlus 9 Pro’s 6.7″ Fluid Display 2.0 impresses with its wide color gamut and perfect color accuracy

The screen also got high marks on contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy. It’s bright too, brighter than 8 Pro’s screen, with different modes prioritizing either brightness or color accuracy. The Advanced AMOLED mode proved better at retaining color gamut in bright indoor and outdoor lighting.

Speaking of the bright outdoors, the OnePlus 9 Pro has only 4.4% screen reflectance, again one of the very best measured by DisplayMate. The screen was one of the brightest ever tested with Auto Brightness turned off and the High Brightness Mode pushed out an impressive 1,655 nits.

You can read the full report for more details. Interestingly, DisplayMate didn’t encounter the issue where the screen couldn’t show perfect black in HDR mode, which we experienced in our review. Another thing to note is that DM detected Pulse Width Modulation at 480 Hz.


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