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Dow Jones Industrial Average (prediction with proof)


The day was good until the opening of the market. US traders will definitely remember this day until their death.

NOW, what was happen on that date?

  Ok, let’s start from scratch. To make understand the viewers 
every country has its stock market & every stock market has it index like in India we heard about NIFTY, SENSEX, BANK NIFTY, etc.
 Like that US has its stock market where it also has its index like NASDAQ, S&P500, DOW JONES, etc.
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    Now we all know that how continuously corona virus is spreading & for that China’s export or we can say our import from china is completely band.
    Now in this stage we all know that how much we are coverd with chiness product. & for this reason not only US market but also every countries market droped certainly. & it was normal.
            But here the abnormal thing is most of the US index dropped ferosusly. 

see the picture of DOW JONS

 where march 19 it was 55k now it became & 23k. see picture below

forget about 19th march2019. come to 6 march 2020, even it show 25,457.21 & after 5 day in 12 march 2020 it shows 21,465.94 i.e 15.68% drop.

 NASDAQ index droped by 

 NASDAQ index droped by 14.75 % in this 5 day span.

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 S&P 500 dropped by

 S&P 500 dropped by 14.91 %

  we can find  drpooed percentage is almost same Why cause market beta is almost same close to 1.

Now why all person is worried about DOW JONES.

cause DOW JONES comprises of 30 stocks

AXP American Express
AAPL Apple
BA Boeing
CAT Caterpillar
CVX Chevron
CSCO Cisco
KO Coca-Cola
DIS Disney
DOW Dow Chemical
XOM Exxon Mobil
GS Goldman Sachs
HD Home Depot
INTC Intel
JNJ Johnson & Johnson
JPM JPMorgan Chase
MCD McDonald’s
MRK Merck
MSFT Microsoft
NKE Nike
PFE Pfizer
PG Procter & Gamble
TRV Travelers Companies Inc
UTX United Technologies
UNH UnitedHealth
VZ Verizon
V Visa
WMT Wal-Mart
WBA Walgreen

which are the most valuable company in US & global market.

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WHY SO drop?

       Trump’s announcement of travel restrictions for
most European countries added to concerns over disruptions to travel and trade,
while the World Health Organization’s warning over “alarming levels of
inaction” by governments in corralling the virus further raised the

Now the actual question is it abnormal drop or not?

  Let compare with Indian DATA. See the SENSEX

 SENSEX also dropped by 15% within this 5 day span

ok lets see NIFTY

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