Free Download GrandTheftAuto-5 AKA GTA-V Officially From EPIC Games


DOWNLOAD GTA V: The most popular game to date, is now free for all PC users. It has been announced by its official company. This game GTA V can be downloaded for free till 21 May. Due to LOCKDOWN, everything in the world is badly stalled, so GTA V has been given the opportunity to download for free for pc users as GTA V is still very popular among the gamers.

GTA V Is Now Available To Download For FREE

GTA (GRAND THEFT AUTO) was first launched in 2013, in which users were given many characters and levels by which they could reach their target and play the game, which was quite popular at that time.

download GTA V
Courtesy: twitter

Epic game store allows you to download Premium Edition of GTA V for free which has many premium features, in which you can download complete GTA and story and grand theft auto online and all the upgrades and content available. All these downloads are free till May 21, so you should download it before May 21.

After downloading the company for free, many sports lovers visited the website to download it, causing GTA V’s website to crash due to excessive traffic.

After that, the company told through its official Twitter handle that the website has crashed due to high traffic, we will solve this problem soon, you should be patient.


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