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Free Video Downloader Online – Download online videos and convert Videos to mp3


In the modern era, every one of us is connected with social media websites and other video surfing platforms. This is because we can find tons of informative, entertaining, and all sorts of stuff on these platforms. One of the most popular and commonly utilized platforms is YouTube. You can find all kinds of media/video content on this platform, and that too for free. You only need a web connection today to watch HD content online. 

What if you are low on a data cap or traveling to a zone where you would not find strong web connections for watching videos? In this scenario, you can surely rely on the online video downloader tools. There are many online video downloader tools on the web that can help you save your favorite clips for the trip, and some of the best ones have been listed below for you guys!

Best video downloader tools for saving online clips!

Video downloader tools can surely help you in saving video clips of the web. Still, you must know that downloading or grabbing clips from the web without the owner’s permission is not recommended. 

If you still want to use the online video downloader tools to save your favorite clips from YouTube or any other source, we would suggest you only use the content for your entertainment. 

  • Video downloader by SmallSEOTools

The online video downloader by Small Seo Tools is among the free downloader utilities on the web. This tool is very easy to utilize & has integrations with thousands of video surfing websites. This means that even an inexperienced person can download video clips from any website. This is a web-based video downloader that can be utilized on all sorts of devices and operating systems. You have to copy the URL address of your favorite clip and push it into the URL bar of the video grabber tool. After feeding the input URL to the tool, you have to click on the button that says ‘download video.’ This video saver tool would save the clips in the highest quality!

  • 4K video downloader- Free video downloader

The tool’s name tells us this is a free resource that can help you save content in 4k quality. This video downloader is known to be best for PCs, Mac, and Linux systems. The smart mode of this downloader is a popular choice that you should also try out. This would help you save all of your favorite video clips automatically. The 4k downloader is best for saving clips of the highest quality. You should also know that you can download audio clips with this tool. The free version of this downloader is best suited for the requirements of 80% of users. If you want premium and detailed options, then you have to get along with some paid plans. 

  • Free Make video downloader

The free make video downloader is also among the best online tools available on the web. This tool makes saving and transferring video content very easy. This free video downloader tool is considered to be very much famous for its batch downloading feature. You can grab and download a complete playlist or channel with this online video downloader tool. It has integrations with websites like YouTube, Instagram, daily motion, photo bucket, and many more. When downloading the videos, you can also help yourself select the clips’ format!

  • AllavSoft

This is a versatile video downloader website that can give you full access to save content from different sites and pages on the web. You should know that this video downloader/grabber can be used online. You can also get its application version for your desktop or smart devices. This downloader is very friendly to use, and even a non-specialist can learn how to use it without any trouble. The best thing about this video downloader is that it can easily download live videos using its screen recording feature. It also supports batch downloading and is best for grabbing complete playlists from YouTube and social media platforms!

  • Airy YouTube Downloader

This is another free video downloader tool that can help you save HD and ultra quality video clips and Mp3 and audio content. The UI of this tool is very simple and understandable, and even a layperson can learn how to utilize it without much effort. You can download videos via the URL of the clip or search content via keywords on this tool. The airy video downloader is among the friendliest tools in this league!

Convert Youtube Video into Mp3 Online

  • YouTube to Mp3 Converter

This is an online video converter cum downloader tool. This video to mp3 downloader is very easy to utilize and is free in its existence. This youtube to mp3 converter tool can be used on any browser and on any device you want. You have to open the YouTubetoMp3converter on your device and enter the video link in the designated box of the tool. If you want to convert the clip to mp3, you have to click on the ‘convert now’ button and if you want to download it as it is, you should hit the ‘download now’ button. This tool is best for converting and saving high-quality videos into mp3 quality!

All of these tools are considered to be best for downloading videos off the web!