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Emma Stone: Disney Smoking Ban Affected Cruella Transformation



“I was so excited to have that green plume of smoke in there,” Stone said. “But it was not possible.”

CRUELLA, Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil, 2021. © Disney+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

©Disney+/Courtesy Everett Collection

Emma Stone’s eponymous turn in Disney’s live-action prequel “Cruella” is missing one iconic facet of the character: Her trademark cigarette and long cigarette holder. That’s because Disney started banning smoking in all of its films as early as 2007, then extended the ban to all Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar offerings in 2015. But the ban didn’t stop Stone from wanting to pick up Cruella’s cigarette holder for her new movie.

“That is not allowed in 2021,” Stone said when The New York Times brought up Cruella being a non-smoker in the live-action movie. “We are not allowed to smoke onscreen in a Disney film. It was difficult to not have that cigarette holder…I was so excited to have that green plume of smoke in there, but it was not possible. I don’t want to promote smoking, but I’m also not trying to promote skinning puppies.”

All of the major studios have put a ban on smoking in some capacity over the years, with Warner Bros. starting to limit onscreen smoking as far back as July 2005. Netflix made headlines in July 2019 for pledging to eliminate smoking in all programming not aimed exclusively for adults. A spokesperson for the streaming giant said at the time, “Netflix strongly supports artistic expression. We also recognize that smoking is harmful and when portrayed positively onscreen can adversely influence young people. Going forward, all new projects that we commission with ratings of TV-14 or below for series or PG-13 or below for films, will be smoking and e-cigarette free — except for reasons of historical or factual accuracy.”

As for “Cruella,” Emma Stone is receiving rave reviews for her performance as the iconic Disney villain. The actress previously stirred up buzz for the movie when she tempered rumors the film was Disney’s version of “Joker,” which the trailers for the film led many fans to believe. “It’s very different from ‘Joker’ in many ways,” Stone said in March. “I would never even remotely compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix. I wish I was more like him.’

“Cruella” is playing in theaters as of May 28 and will also be available for $29.99 on Disney+ via the streamer’s Premier Access banner.

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Joe Biden snubbed as courts block compulsory Covid vaccine mandate in three states | World | News



As nearly 782,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States, President Biden is adamant that pushing for all citizens to get vaccinated remains the best solution to slow the spreading of the virus. On Monday, as he addressed the alarming Omicron variant surge, he urged people to get vaccinated, get boosters and wear masks.

Joe Biden said: “This variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic.

“We’re going to fight and beat this new variant.”

“In the event, hopefully unlikely, that updated vaccinations or boosters are needed to respond to this new variant. We will accelerate their development and deployment with every available tool.”

The White House has also imposed coronavirus vaccine rules on government contractors, military personnel and federal employees, but all are challenged in court.

On Tuesday, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee saw federal judges blocking the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for contractors.

The ruling prevents the White House from enforcing that new government contracts must include clauses requiring that contractors’ employees get vaccinated against COVID-19.

US District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove in Frankfort, Kentucky, wrote: “Can the president use congressionally delegated authority to manage the federal procurement of goods and services to impose vaccines on the employees of federal contractors and subcontractors? In all likelihood, the answer to that question is no.”

Reports show that 13 similar lawsuits are ongoing across the country regarding the vaccine mandate in some professions.

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The US Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) previously stated that unvaccinated healthcare staff threaten patient safety.

However, vaccine hesitancy in the US remains a problem as only 59% of all Americans are fully vaccinated.

Almost 70% have had at least one shot.

Opponents to vaccine mandates also argue they violate the Constitution and curb individual liberty.

US government workers were required to get vaccinated by November 22.

Still, the White House told federal agencies that they could delay punishing those who did not comply.

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‘This is starting to get very old’: QAnon follower writes letter to Trump



A QAnon follower has written an open letter to former President Donald Trump complaining about predictions shared within the movement failing to come true.

Danny Warren posted the letter to a QAnon group with thousands of members on the social media platform Telegram on Sunday. He said he had become more deeply engaged in the conspiracy movement in January and anticipated an event called “Red October”, which failed to materialise.

“Red October” is the baseless claim that global, cannibalistic, pedophilic elites would be rounded up and arrested along with their enablers around the world.

Mr Warren wrote that he had grown disillusioned with the repeated predictions of arrests that never came true.

“At the beginning of October, we were told of a Red October, with rumours of mass arrests across the world,” Mr Warren wrote. “We were given hints by ‘Q’ experts that November was to be THE month.”

“We have seen nothing happen,” he added. “I told a few of my ‘awake’ friends that either this would be the best Thanksgiving ever or the worst. Guess which one it was?”

The existence of the letter was initially reported by Newsweek.

QAnon followers sometimes refer each other to as “awake” in reference to “The Great Awakening”, yet another event that never occurred, in which Mr Trump was supposed to institute martial and send his political adversaries to jail in January.

“For months I have anticipated each day with excitement knowing that I was watching my President and his crews of patriots take back our country and our freedom,” he added. “I am losing that excitement now. This is starting to get very old. I will not be checking Lin [Wood’s] page, or [General Michael] Flynn, or any others for a good while. I’m already tired of it.”

“On a personal level, my wife is struggling physically,” Mr Warren wrote. “She has an autoimmune disease that is greatly and increasingly causing her more pain and suffering as the weeks drag on.”

Like many other QAnon adherents, Mr Warren said his family thinks he’s “nuts” for believing the claims emanating from the movement.

He wrote that his wife “could use a med bed and so could two of our children who have taken the vaccine. They think I am nuts for believing in all this. And how many millions more across the country need a med bed? My family is struggling and so is our country”.

The letter was also addressed to China’s leader Xi Jinping, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, retired Gen Michael Flynn, and John F Kennedy Jr “if he is still alive” or “whoever is pulling the strings”.

JFK Jr died in 1999.

Mr Trump is a significant figure to QAnon followers, with some believing that he will be returned to the White House or that he’s still president and that Joe Biden’s presidency is a hoax. Some adherents of the conspiracy theory think that Mr Trump will expose some Hollywood actors, business owners, and top Democrats as being paedophiles and cannibals and that they will be forced to stand trial and suffer execution.

The claims have no basis in fact and have been repeatedly debunked. One of the predictions that never came true is that members of the global cabal of elites would be arrested as Mr Biden’s was inaugurated in January.

When Mr Biden ascended to the presidency earlier this year, some QAnon followers started supporting the fact-free idea that his electoral success was based on widespread voter fraud.

Mr Trump has endorsed Republicans who have supported his unfounded claims of fraud, including some individuals who attended a QAnon convention in Las Vegas.

Some members of the movement have also attached themselves to claims thought to be outside the box even by other QAnon followers.

Hundreds gathered in Dallas, Texas earlier this year expecting to see JFK Jr alive and well, and that he was going to state that Mr Trump was the real president.

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NBA to recommend boosters, further vaccinations based on COVID-19 study findings



The NBA has completed a study with infectious disease specialists and testing manufacturers on the preseason antibody test results of 2,300 players and staff, citing further evidence of a need for booster doses of Covid-19 vaccines for league personnel, according to a copy of the study’s findings obtained by ESPN.

The NBA’s study found Moderna and Pfizer vaccines created higher levels of antibodies compared to Johnson and Johnson and detailed the decline of antibodies over time. The NBA wanted to understand the effectiveness of different vaccines, and what different levels of antibodies might mean for risk of infection.

The NBA is aware of 34 cases of fully vaccinated players or team staff becoming infected with a breakthrough case of Covid-19 through November 19, including 31 that had detectable levels of antibodies significantly lower than those observed in the remaining testing population, according to the report. Three of the 34 infections happened with “not detected” antibody levels, the study said.

The NBA has a 97% vaccination rate among its players, the league says. The NBA is using the findings of the report to encourage eligible players to follow the previous NBA/NBPA recommendation of getting a booster shot, and team doctors are expected to use these results to educate players on the importance of the additional vaccination protection.

Within the 2,388 people tested in the preseason, 75 produced “not detected” results, including 11% who had received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. That percentage was considerable higher than those who received Pfizer (1%) and Moderna (0.2%).

Those results suggest that those received the J&J vaccine at least two months ago — or a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna at least six months ago — are at increased risk of breakthrough infections.

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