Entertainment: Su Rynard’s FIFA film “Duet for Solo Piano EVE EGOYAN” screen online until Sunday | Entertainment


Eve Egoyan, one of the world’s most sought-after interpreters of contemporary new music, is recognized as one of the 25 greatest Canadian classical pianists of all time. Duet For Solo Piano unfolds over a one-year period as Eve defies the traditional conceptions of piano and pianist on a journey to find her own voice.

According to a press release, the film weaves the past and present, the personal with musical moments, exploring the events that have shaped Eve and left their mark on who she is today.

Beautifully photographed and crisply edited, the film offers rare insight into the creative process and the complexity of developing new work that pushes the boundaries of art, instrument and self. “If I don’t play the piano, I get a bit lost,” said Eve Egoyan in the same release. “I feel I am missing a core part of myself.”

Born in Victoria B.C. Canada, Eve is the daughter of Armenian artists who emigrated from Cairo. She is also the sister of filmmaker Atom.

“What I learned in my journey to represent another was that to know Eve, to understand her, was to meet her in the place where she is her most intimate self,” said Director Su Rynard. “The piano is her landscape, her safe place, her true home. Paradoxically, when she is inside her music, she is truly revealed.”


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