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Exclusive! Ridhima Pandit on losing her mother to COVID-19: I am sure that she is happy up there, relieved of all her pain

Ridhima Pandit is grieving the death of her mother, Jayshree, who passed away on April 4 following COVID-19 related complications. The heartbroken actress tells us, “My mother was diagnosed with kidney issues five years ago and was undergoing dialysis. She tested positive for COVID-19 a few days before she passed away.”

The Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant actress reached out to Sonu Sood for help once she realised that her mother, 71, might need immediate medical attention. She says, “Everything was in chaos after she tested positive because of other comorbidities. Before I got into acting, I had worked with Sonu (Sood) as his manager at one point. So, when I realised that I might have to admit my mother to a hospital, I requested him to help me with it. A friend in Goa, too, helped. My mother was admitted to the ICU, but despite timely medical treatment, she could not be saved.”

Ridhima with her mother and sister Reema

While Ridhima is struggling to come to terms with the death of her mother, she draws strength from her memories. She shares, “The loss is irreparable and I can’t describe my grief in words. I was miserable during the initial five days. I genuinely thought that she would recover and come home. My sister, Reema, has been a great support during these trying times. She hasn’t left my side since that fateful day. My mother’s world revolved around me. For her, I was always a kid. Of course, the role reversed in the last five years… I became a mother to her, taking care of her. She pulled through those terrible five years only for me. I am going through bouts of happiness and sadness. Sometimes, I cry profusely, and other times, I laugh remembering our funny banter.”

Ridhima Pandit

The actress now wants to focus on her work, just like her mother would have liked her to. She says, “During the pandemic, a lot of projects that I was in talks for were put on hold. I remember sharing my frustration with my mother, wondering when I will get back to work. I bagged a single eventually, and my mother told me, ‘
Dekha beta, hua na kaam. Now, you wait and watch. Your work life will take off’. She passed away so suddenly. Although I wasn’t in a state of mind to shoot, my sister told me that this is what my mother always wanted… she wanted me to work. On April 12, I went for the shoot with a heavy heart. I must have looked terrible as I had puffy eyes because I had cried a lot and was tired, but I performed better than ever. I guess my mother guided me through it and gave me the much-needed strength. She was extremely proud of her children. I am sure that she is happy up there, relieved of all her pain.”