Facebook testing ‘Green Screen’ filter for Stories


Facebook is testing a new ‘Green Screen’ option for Facebook Stories. The new tool will allow users to add a video or still image as the background for their videos. It’s the same Green Screen effect available on Instagram Stories.

The new Facebook Stories feature was spotted by Mamun Billah (via Social Media Today) who shared a screenshot of the same on Twitter. Unlike Instagram Stories, Green Screen on Facebook Stories will be available as an editing tool and not a filter or effect. Based on the screenshot, the editing tool appears on top of the ‘Create Story’ screen along with the other ones – Text, Boomerang, and Selfies. Tapping on Green Screen will open up the effect where users can add a photo or video from their phone, and then record themselves against that background.

We can also see in the screenshot that the Green Screen filter is provided by Instagram. On Instagram Stories, it’s available as an effect that users can search for by using the title. You can either take a photo or record a video with the Green Screen effect. This filter was first popularised by TikTok, and it later came to Instagram Stories. Now Facebook users will also be able to play around with Green Screen, and it could be a handy tool for creators.

This feature is currently in test, and there’s no word on when Facebook plans to roll it out to all users. With the latest test, the social media giant continues to push Facebook Stories, a product that hasn’t proven to be as successful as Instagram Stories. Facebook is also testing a new way for creators to earn revenue by placing ads as stickers in Stories. 


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