Fact Check-I Am Legend movie was set in 2012, not 2021


Social media users have been sharing posts online claiming that the movie “I Am Legend” starring actor Will Smith was set in 2021 and characters turned into zombies because of vaccines. This claim is false.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text in the posts read: “Just wanted to remind you all that in the movie I am Legend the year was 2021, and people turned into zombies because of the wrong vaccines have a great day.”

The 2007 film “I Am Legend” is a sci-fi action movie where scientist Robert Neville (played by Smith) believes he may be the sole survivor in a plague that kills most people and transforms others into zombie-like creatures ( www.imdb.com/title/tt0480249/ , here ). Throughout the movie, he is battling to find other survivors and find a cure.

There are instances in the movie where the year is mentioned. In a script of the movie visible here , towards the beginning of the movie, Smith’s character Dr. Robert Neville records himself testing out possible serums to cure the plague. He says: “Dr. Robert Neville, September 5th, 2012, GA series, serum 391.”

The year is also mentioned in a plot summary on IMDB here and a review here .

Reuters Fact Check has previously debunked the claim that a vaccine caused characters to turn into zombies in the movie, here .

It was not a vaccination but a modified measles virus used to treat cancer (cancer is not caused by a virus, as can be read in more detail in a Reuters Fact Check here ).


False. The movie “I Am Legend” was set in 2012 and the characters did not turn into zombies because of a vaccine.

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