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FDA Says Full Approval for COVID-19 Vaccine Could Come in ‘Couple of Months’


Full FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccines could come within the next couple of months, CNN reports. Federal officials told the outlet the Food and Drug Administration is working “as fast as possible” to review the applications, though it aims to avoid any appearance of political pressure. The Biden administration has hoped full approval could dampen vaccine hesitancy, giving people more confidence to get vaccinated, but it understands it won’t necessarily be a game-changer. “Yes, it will be another tool in the toolkit. We aren’t naive to think it will suddenly change all minds,” a Biden adviser told CNN. The move could also give U.S. businesses the tool they need to implement vaccine mandates.

Pfizer and Moderna, the two producers of mRNA vaccines approved for emergency use, have both filed for full regulatory approval. Johnson & Johnson, the only other vaccine approved, has not yet filed an application.

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