Force of Unity


Hello friends today, I am going to tell you about an interesting story of Hindi, “Force of Unity”, which you will be very happy to read.
A rat and a pigeon lived in a forest, both of whom were very good friends. Seeing the friendship of pigeon and rat, no one could understand that, one lives inside the ground and the other on top of the tree. Yet how do these two have such a deep friendship. Seeing this one day a crow goes to them, and says, you guys make me your friend too. I like you guys very much, and I will always be ready for your support.
                                                 On hearing this, the rat said that the hostility of crow and rat has been going on since time immemorial. How can a rat’s friendship be with the crows? Crow, rat is a known enemy, how can we believe in you. Hearing this, the crow started agitating that if you did not make me your friend, I would give up my life without eating anything. Upon the crow’s much persuasion and repeated conviction, the pigeon said, “Let’s believe it once, and make it our friend.” In this way the crow, the pigeon and the rat became friends. Days passed by and he saw that the crow is a very good friend, and is always ready to help them, the crow was genuine, he loved his friends immensely, the three friends lived together in fun and happiness. I used to support each other. After some time there was a terrible famine at that place. The river-drains started drying up, trees, plants, grass all started drying up, and there was a lot of food in the forest.
                                                 The crow said that friends are not appropriate to live here, if you stay here, then you will die of hunger. There is another forest far away from here, where I have a friend and the forest there is lush, there are lots of food to eat, we should go there. My friend is always ready to help us there, at first the pigeon and the rat did not like this solution but later thinking they accepted the crow and the three left for the forest. The crow pressed the rat into its beak and started flying, and also the pigeon. They started moving very cautiously, after reaching the second forest, they saw that this forest is indeed very green, and there is a store of food here. The crow descended on the banks of a pond and brought down the rat as well. The pigeon also descended to the crow, then the crow made a loud sound to his friend.
                                             After coming out of the pond, a big tortoise came to him and he said to the crow – my friend how many days have you come, say how are you? All is well manned So the crow told the whole thing to his friend. The four friends started laughing happily on the banks of that river. A few days later, while these four were sitting on the banks of the pond and talking, then a deer came running to them, the deer was panting, its breath was bloated. Who said, O brother, where are you going, why are you so afraid? Then the buck said, do you know anything, a great difficulty is going to come. Here a king has camped on the banks of some river, the soldiers of this king are very cruel and tyrannical. Tomorrow they will come here for hunting. Whatever comes before them, they destroy them. If you want to save your life, run away from here immediately! Because they will go out for hunting tomorrow morning, we have very little time. Hearing this, everyone got upset and the four friends decided to go away with the deer.
                                            Now the five animals started moving to another place because the tortoise was very big and it crawled on the ground, so all started moving slowly. After going some distance a hunter’s eye fell on that tortoise, the hunter came running towards him. The roe ran away and the pigeon climbed the tree, the rat entered the bill. But the tortoise could not do anything and was caught by the hunter and started filling it in its net. Seeing this, all the friends got very upset and started thinking how to get rid of this crisis and save their friend’s life. They figured out an idea.
                                          As soon as the hunter on the banks of the river set the trap down and landed himself under the river to wash his hands, some distant deer lay on the ground and pretended to die. At this point the crow came and started becking at the deer. Seeing this, the hunter thought that the reindeer would just die, his flesh would be fresh. He went to her with the intention of raising her, when the mouse came out of the bill and he cut the tortoise net. The tortoise quickly escaped and immediately jumped into the river and disappeared into its depths. As the rat entered the bill, the crow flew as soon as the deer approached and the deer also hid in the jungles. In this way, all the comrades, working with courage and bravery, saved everyone’s life by remaining united. All the companions once again set out for their destination.


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