Fortnite 12.50 Update Notes Which EPIC Havent Talked About


Risky Reels got a name with the update. Loading up the PUI/map there are no changes you get to notice. On the other side, every name on the pui has a reboot ban expect risky reels.

Oro Skin, Axe and dragon look rusted, not brown. A plethora other edit styles were added with the new LTM in the party mode.

party mode map
party mode map

Snipers got nerfed, 120 damage for the purple one and 130 for the legendary. Aim assistant got a change which might ruin to complaints by a plethora of gamers. This new assist gets better with high refresh rates of gamers monitor.

Plunger bow, paint launcher, tomato granite are associated with party royale. A pretty other interesting stuff is also expected with it. There is more fun coming up with utmost interesting content.


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