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‘Foundation’ Season 2 release date, plot, cast, and trailer for the Apple TV+ sci-fi epic



Future history isn’t what it used to be. Although the premise of Foundation is focused on predicting the future, the Apple TV+ series has been anything but predictable. Taking strands from the famous and influential Isaac Asimov novels of the same name, Foundation Season 1 ended by pulling various disparate plot threads together to result in two big cliffhangers. Here are the big twists, the clues for Season 2 from the books, and what some of the cast thinks of the journey so far. Spoilers ahead for all of Foundation Season 1.

Foundation Season 1 ending, explained

Although there’s been a lot going on this season, the actual finale came down to basically two major storylines

  • The revelation that the clone emperor dynasty — the Cleons (Lee Pace, Terrence Mann, Cassian Bilton) — has been corrupted.
  • And, finally, the meeting between Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey) and her biological mother, Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell).

Gaal arrives back on her home planet, 138 years after the series began. Thanks to cryo-sleep, she’s still basically in her twenties. Apple TV+

Like the intricate and paradoxical nature of the series itself, one cliffhanger is slightly horrifying while the other is hopeful. But, both suggest that Foundation Season 2 will take place in an unprecedented future at least 138 years beyond anything established in Season 1.

That said, thanks to a lot of clones, computer simulations, and a lot of people hanging out in cryo-sleep, many of the characters from Season 1 can reappear in Season 2. Plus, Foundation has established many times now that just because a character has perished, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a lot more of them.

Foundation Season 2: Demerzel’s revelation

Demerzel (Larua Birn) gets her robot face out.Apple TV+

One character who will certainly reappear in Foundation Season 2 is the near-immortal robot Demerzel (Laura Birn), who, in the Season 1 finale, follows her programming and murders a “defective” Cleon clone (Cassian Bilton). Then, in a fit of guilt, rips off her own face, revealing her robot skull.

We’ve known Demerzel was a robot all season long, but the journey she’s been on is probably the one that will define Season 2 the most.

“I think he will be around for a long time,” Birn tells Inverse. “I think she believes she’s lived long enough to kind of find her humanity and, and hold on to that.”

Earlier in the season, it was revealed that despite her (secret) robotic nature, Demerzel is a believer in the religion known as “Luminism.” In the episode “The Missing Piece,” Demerzel is comforted by the religious leader Zephyr Halima (T’nia Miller) and told that despite being a robot, Demerzel does, indeed have a soul. But, because Halima publicly asserts that the Cleon Emperors are literally soulless (because they’re clones), she becomes a political enemy of the Cleon Dynasty, Demerzel’s bosses.

Demerzel (Laura Birn) and Zephyr Halima (T’nia Miller) in Foundation.Apple TV+

“I think Halmia recognizes Demerzel as a sister of cloth, of the faith,” Miller tells Inverse. “She gives her a part to complete. I come back. It’s fine. Don’t feel guilty. I think she leaves Demerzel empowered.”

Because Halmia runs afoul with the Cleons, Demerzel is forced to murder her too. However, because it’s poison and Demerzel just leaves the room, we don’t actually see Zephyr Halima perish. Could she return next season? Or some future decedent of Halima also played by T’nia Miller?

“I don’t know. Let’s see,” Miller says. “Let’s leave it at that. For now.”

What’s the plot of Foundation Season 2

Gaal (Lou Llobell) and Salvor (Leah Harvey) on the surface of Synnax in the Foundation finale.Apple

In one of her voiceovers at the start of the series, Gaal mentions various names, including “The Mule.” While we don’t see “the Mule” in Season 1 of Foundation, this character will almost certainly appear in some way, shape, or form in Season 2.

In the second Foundation novel — Foundation and Empire — the Mule is basically a mutant villain who disrupts the Seldon Plan through telepathy and ruthlessness. In the Asimov universe, those who can use mindpowers to control others are called Mentalics. Much later in the novels, members of the super-secret “Second Foundation” (teased this season) all have this ability.

While Foundation Season 2 will first and foremost be focused on those two cliffhangers — the future of the Cleons, and Gaal’s and Salvor’s team-up — it almost certainly introduces the Mule. This could give Season 2 a more traditional structure, insofar as everyone might be concerned about the same thing at the same time.

When the show began, creator and showrunner David S. Goyer told Inverse, that because Asimov’s books never actually “got to the end of the 1,000 years,” the series could, in a roundabout way, complete the entire story.

To that point, in the novels, the character of Demerzel eventually appears on Earth (in the novel Foundation and Earth), previously believed to be a legend in the Foundation galaxy. In Season 1 of the show, Salvor’s father mentions Earth in passing, indicating that at this point, people still aren’t sure it’s even real. Could a search for Earth be a focal point of Season 2? Maybe.

Who is in the Foundation Season 2 cast?

Lee Pace as one of the clone emperors, Cleon.Apple TV+

The following cast members are all-but-confirmed for Foundation Season 2

  • Lee Pace as the Cleons
  • Laura Birn as Demerzel
  • Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin
  • Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick
  • Jared Harris as Hari Seldon

But, because of the time jump, beyond that, it’s not entirely clear. Because Hugo (Daniel MacPherson) took the giant warship Invictus to a secret location near the Foundation on Terminus, it’s possible he could return for Season 2, also. (It wouldn’t be the first time he’s extended his life through cryo-sleep.) But, because of the intergenerational nature of Foundation, we just don’t know who will appear in the next season, or how many years it will span.

Is there a Foundation Season 2 trailer?

As of yet, Apple TV has yet to release a trailer for the next season.

When is the Foundation Season 2 release date?

Back in October, Foundation was greenlit for Season 2. A release date has not been confirmed at this time, but sometime in late 2022 is the best bet.

Foundation is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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Biden hits back in plot to ‘squeeze’ Putin out of EU: ‘Russia has a problem!’ | Science | News



President Aleksander Vucic argued during a televised interview on Sunday that Russia is being “politically squeezed” out of Europe. Speaking to the TV channel Pink, the politician accused the US of meddling with the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to keep Russian gas out of Europe. Mr Vucic said: “The Russians have a problem that they are not talking about.

“Namely, there are attempts to politically squeeze them out so that they do not have gas in Europe.”

US officials have previously warned that the pipeline, which runs from Russia directly to Germany, could serve as a geopolitical weapon for the Kremlin.

Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, called Nord Stream 2 a “bad pipeline” earlier this summer and warned Russia against blackmailing Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 runs to Germany under the Baltic Sea, bypassing both Poland and Ukraine.

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According to Mr Vucic’s calculations, the deal will save Serbia some £948million ($1.12billion).

In a recent interview with the YouTube channel Sololiev LIVE, the Serbian President spoke about his commitment to maintaining good relations with Russia.

He claimed Serbia is firmly set on the European path but will not spoil its relations with the Kremlin.

He said: “We will appreciate Putin, we will have good relations with China as well, whether you like it or not, that is the policy of Serbia.”

German officials have recently called on Washington not to put sanctions on Russia over Nord Stream 2.

The news comes a month after Republican senators James Rich and Ted Cruz put forward an amendment to impose sanctions on Russia’s state-owned Gazprom.

However, a document from German officials has warned the move would destabilise transatlantic relations.

The document reads: “US Sanctions targeting Nord Stream 2 would undermine the commitment given to Germany in the Joint Statement, weaken the credibility of the US government, and endanger the achievements of the Joint Statement, including the provisions supporting Ukraine. They would ultimately damage transatlantic unity.”

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Second Confirmed MCU ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy Sparks Gwen Stacy Casting Ideas



Today on Spider-Monday (tickets are on sale!), producers have confirmed that Spider-Man: No Way Home will not be the last Spider-Man film in the MCU, nor the last one with Tom Holland, despite past indications that he may be ready to pass the torch.

They have effectively confirmed a new trilogy that will leave the Homecoming storylines behind and move on to new territory. And fans are already referring to this as the “college trilogy” where Peter Parker and company are in college instead of high school, and that demands some new cast members.

While it seems likely that Miles Morales would be introduced within a Spider-Man movie, I have no doubt he’d quickly get his own series of films outside of Holland’s. But in terms of a co-star that could run the entire duration of the trilogy? Only one character comes to mind:

Gwen Stacy.

Gwen Stacy seems impossible to avoid in this era, as such, fans are already starting to fantasy cast who they want to see in the role, as it seems unlikely that, multiverse developments aside, it’s going to continue to be an undead Emma Stone from the Andrew Garfield films.

The other notion here is that these new Spider-Man films would actually end up turning her into Spider-Gwen by the end, making her a hero in her own right.

I agree with at least one name being passed around by fans: Anya Taylor-Joy, whom I have to believe Marvel will pursue for the role, given her surge in prominence after The Queen’s Gambit, and her iconic look that seems perfectly suited for the character. Whether that would work out or not, or if she’s truly their first choice, remains to be seen, but we’ll see.

Another option is the actress I always confuse with Anya Taylor-Joy, Elle Fanning, current star of the fantastic The Great on Hulu, who seems like she could fit perfectly into the part.

I’ve seen an online contingent pulling for Girl Meet’s World’s Sabrina Carpenter, who certainly looks the traditional comic part, but I’m curious if she’d be considered.

I could see Cobra Kai’s Peyton List taking up the part, and she’s shown what she can do in an action-oriented role already.

Of course, as Zendaya’s casting as MJ proved, we actually do not need the real-life actress to exactly resemble the comic character, and this could be an opportunity to continue to add more diversity to the MCU.

Midori Francis is someone I’ve had my eye on since she appeared in Netflix’s Dash and Lily, and now has a role in HBO’s The Sex Lives of College girls.

China Anne McClain has been a standout on Black Lightning for years, and before that, House of Payne and The Descendants.

I also just realized who voiced Gwen Stacy in the beloved Into the Spider-Verse, Hailee Steinfeld, now Kate Bishop on Hawkeye. So she’s out!

Anyway, Gwen Stacy does seem likely to arrive in the next trilogy, but obviously we wouldn’t be expecting an official casting announcement any time soon. We’ll see if Marvel sticks with some of the more high profile obvious picks, or goes in a different direction completely for Gwen.

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When Do New Episodes of ‘Hawkeye’ Air? Episode 3 Release Date & Time



Hawkeye shot onto Disney+ on Nov. 24, and the two-episode premiere has already ramped up excitement surrounding the new show. Even viewers who don’t count Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) among their favorite Avengers are enjoying his latest adventure — either because of its Christmas themes, focus on his time as Ronin, or introduction of fan-favorite character Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). And Clint and Kate certainly have a lot on their plates as the holidays approach. When can fans expect to see them in action again? Read on to learn the release date for every episode of Hawkeye, along with what to expect from episode 3 of the Disney+ show.

‘Hawkeye’s premiere introduces Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop

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