Friends reunion shoot happening next week, reveals David Schwimmer


The shoot for the much-awaited Friends reunion special episode will take place next week, revealed actor David Schwimmer on The Graham Norton Show.

When the BBC talk show host Graham Norton asked Schwimmer about his “pressing engagement that the world has been waiting for,” the actor, who played Ross Geller, shared, “I will be getting on a plane soon and shooting for Friends Reunion next week. I am going to see everyone next week for the first time in many years.”

Schwimmer also confirmed that the episode will be unscripted and everyone including Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Matt LeBlanc, will be themselves and won’t be playing their characters. But, the 54-year-old actor also hinted at a surprise segment of the special episode.

“I will be myself. There’s nothing scripted, we are not in characters. We are all ourselves, the real people. Although there is a section of it that I don’t want to give away, but we all will read something,” teased Schwimmer. He also said he hasn’t “been able to catch up on the 236 episodes. I think I need to watch a lot in the next five days.”

The Friends Reunion special was supposed to launch the HBO Max streaming service in May 2020, but it couldn’t be filmed because of the outbreak of coronavirus that shut down production in Hollywood in March 2020.

The popular NBC series Friends went on air in 1994 and ran for a successful 10 years. Its last episode was aired in 2004.


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