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Do you know that Mortal Kombat is finally here !!! Watch and Download Now The movie is finally here, so you might be wondering how to watch Mortal Kombat online. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier to execute than the game’s legendary Fatality finishers. In the US, you only need an HBO Max subscription to stream Mortal Kombat 2021. That’s because the movie is exclusive to the streaming service – you can’t see it any other way (unless you visit a theater, of course).

Here is Mortal Kombat 2021: (Full Movie) Watch Online Download

So, how much does it cost to watch Mortal Kombat online? A month of HBO Max costs $ 14.99, and while this is more expensive than rivals like Netflix or Disney Plus, you still get a lot for your money. In addition to being able to steam Mortal Kombat, you also get access to a wide library of movies and TV shows (including Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Godzilla vs. Kong) for you to enjoy.

Make sure you are fast. According to last month’s Godzilla movie, Mortal Kombat will almost certainly disappear from service once its theatrical run is over. Because Godzilla vs. Kong launched in March and will no longer be available from April 30, we suspect Mortal Kombat will disappear by the end of May. We imagine it will eventually return to HBO Max, but we don’t have any solid dates yet.

Then what about viewers around the world? Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete details on when you can watch Mortal Kombat online in the UK. We had hoped you could see it through the usual suspects (like Amazon as a view-on-demand rental), but in the end, that’s not the case. Looks like that won’t change anytime soon – Warner Bros. “has not confirmed or announced any UK release plans.” With that in mind, fans across the pond will have to wait a bit longer. Fatality indeed.

As an adaptation of the hit video game series, Mortal Kombat takes us back to the beginning by recruiting new fighters to fight for the fate of our world in a cosmic tournament. It also sheds light on the rivalry between the favorite characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Basically, there will be plenty of fists and blood to go around.

If you want to learn more about what you get for your money, be sure to visit our guide to discover the lowest HBO Max prices.

Check out Mortal Kombat – USA.

You can now stream Mortal Kombat online, but you need HBO Max for that. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get it. Members with a subscription of $ 14.99 per month can watch Mortal Kombat exclusively on the streaming service. While there are currently no good deals, at least you can cancel whenever you want – there are no binding contracts or cancellation fees.

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Are you feeling nostalgic and want to see the original 1995 Klassic? It is available on Peacock in the US. However, don’t think you must have seen it to enjoy the 2021 Mortal Kombat – the latter is a reboot, so it retells the story for modern audiences.

Still, the original is still worth checking out if you haven’t noticed yet. It holds up remarkably well with great fight scenes, a great soundtrack, and some deliciously cheesy lines.

Stream Mortal Kombat in other regions

check out Mortal Kombat

(Image credit: Warner Bros / New Line Cinema)

Can you watch Mortal Kombat online in Australia, Canada and beyond? Almost sure – but it costs a little more than usual. We’re still waiting for details, but it seems like a safe bet that you can stream Mortal Kombat as a view-on-demand purchase through the usual suspects like Amazon Prime Video. That was certainly the case with Godzilla vs. Kong.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the UK. There are currently no plans to release the film on streaming services or as a view-on-demand purchase in the UK, so Brits will have to wait or see the film in theaters in a few weeks.

Either way, keep in mind that this isn’t a permanent purchase like Premier Access on Disney Plus. You pay for rent, so the movie disappears after a certain amount of time.

Is it possible to get the movie on streaming services such as Netflix? No – at the time of writing, the only other way to see it was to visit a cinema when it reopens.

Want more?

Want to stream Mortal Kombat at its best? Make sure to check in with the best gaming TVs (available here if you’re a UK reader). You can also grab the best gaming sound system from our guide.

On the other hand, do you want other streaming options? Don’t miss our round-up of the latest Hulu pricing and bundles, our new Peacock TV charges feature, and the best Disney Plus bundles. In the same sense, we’ve listed other HBO content that should be on your radar below.

If you’re an AT&T customer (or know someone who is), you may qualify for a free HBO Max subscription. The first step is to check if your AT&T plans include a free HBO Max subscription. Eligible plans include: AT&T Unlimited Elite, AT&T Unlimited Plus, AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced, AT&T Unlimited Choice, AT&T Unlimited Choice II, AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced, and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium. If you have one of these plans, you are eligible for a free HBO Max account. Here and here you will find FAQs with instructions on how to claim your free HBO Max subscription.

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Dhamaka Review: Kartik Aaryan’s Thriller with Plot holes



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A typical day for hesitant radio station personality Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aaryan) is going to flip around. He is flung into the centre of a tremendous emergency. A man calls in asserting he will explode the Mumbai Sea Link. Subsequently, there’s a boisterous bang and outside his window, somewhere far off, Arjun sees portions of the milestone span falling into the ocean.

Thriller is a class of film that one relishes assuming it is all around created. Dhamaka, which stars Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash, attacks news channels that are about the ‘news business’ rather than journal ethics and morals.

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A negative, disappointed and vain, Arjun Pathak is an ex-prime time news channel show anchor who has been downgraded to a Radio Jockey. Additionally, his own life also is going through a troublesome landscape. His significant other, Soumya Mehra Pathak (Mrunal Thakur) has sought legal separation on shared assent. Soumya is working with Arjun in the same organisation, TRTV, as a senior reporter. She is known to be a columnist who follows the standards of news-casting in her work.

One day, Arjun gets a threatening call and this changes his life. Taking it as a chance for making a career comeback, Arjun decides against informing the police about the caller and negotiates a deal with the channel head, Ankita Malaskar (Amruta Subhash). He asks his prime-time slot back in exchange for this exclusive story. Eventually, tempted by the opportunity to rake the ratings of the channel, she agrees.

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‘Dhamaka’, a remake of the 2013 Korean film ‘The Terror Live’’ lays out an increasingly familiar collision course. It shows the differences between TV channels with their insatiable greed for higher ratings and ordinary people lacking financial and social clout. These are people who find themselves out of the orbit of profiteering corporations masquerading as media that only peddle sensation. It is a theme worth exploring but was lost in the clunky execution.

Satisfactory Portrayal of Characters

A positive of the film is the acting of the leads. Kudos to Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash for playing their character well. It’s encouraging to see Kartik stepping out of his comfort zone of being a romantic hero. His character forever lives in the quandary between ethics, success and limelight. He depicts the hypocrisy of Arjun Pathak when he transitions through his key phrase: Jo Kahunga Sach Kahunga (Whatever I say, will be the truth).

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Also, Ankita Subhash gets into the skin of the vicious and manipulating head of a channel. Her spiteful personality always reminds her employees: We are not doing journalism. We are in the business of news!

Further, Mrunal Thakur pays her due in the screen-time. Although her screentime was smaller, it doesn’t appear too little to be dismissed. She holds a grip on her character of a righteous and ethical journalist.

Image source: Times of India

Anticlimax End to Kartik Aryan’s Well Starting Thriller

As a disgraced TV anchor who wants his prime-time slot back, donning zero power glasses ‘to look serious’, Kartik starts well enough. So does Ankita, with not a single empathic bone in her body, barking orders to ‘go live, go live’. But soon enough, you realise that the crucial elements of a thriller – the urgency, the tension, the terror that the characters on screen are meant to be feeling are missing.

That’s because everything that’s happening on-screen feels contrived and improbable. None of the ‘breaking news’ situations, the tragedy unfolding on the damaged bridge, or action happening within the newsroom feels real. The whole film feels like a set. And everyone feels like they are acting out set-pieces.

TV channels in real life with their shrieking guests and debates have more drama than the fictional Bharosa 24/7. Ram Madhvani’s  ‘Neerja’ and ‘Aarya’ worked so well with creating believable characters, interesting scenarios while keeping us on the edge. However, here’s a man teetering on the edge of sanity and another who is confronting his demons. Their lives are hanging by a thread but we don’t buy a thing.

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Who stars in the ITV drama?



MISMATCHED Detective duo McDonald and Dodds will be back for four brand new feature length episodes in 2022.

Ahead of the launch of the show’s third series, here’s who’ll be returning to the show – and which newbies to keep an eye out for…

McDonald and Dodds series 3 cast: Who stars in the ITV drama?

The first episode of series 3 will kick off with the discovery of a young woman’s body sitting in a deckchair, with a wide smile still plastered across her face.

Each of the four episodes will then follow the Detectives as they attempt to solve a different murder mystery.

They’ll also be under the watchful eye of new boss, Chief Superintendent Ormond, played by former Outnumbered star Claire Skinner.

Jason Watkins as DS Dodds

Jason Watkins plays reserved Detective Dodds


Jason Watkins plays reserved Detective Dodds

Jason Watkins plays the shy and unassuming Detective Dodds who’s quite happily spent most of his career sitting behind his desk.

When his boss forces him out onto the frontline, Dodds initially struggles, but rapidly finds he has a hidden knack for solving crime.

BAFTA-winner Jason has also starred in Des, The Crown and Line of Duty.

Tala Gouveia as DCI McDonald

Tala Gouveia's character DCI McDonald is significantly more ambitious than her partner


Tala Gouveia’s character DCI McDonald is significantly more ambitious than her partner

The second half of the quirky detective team is DCI McDonald, played by Nottingham native Tala Gouveia.

Unlike her partner, DCI McDonald is fiercely ambitious and determined to advance her career, having spent years patrolling the streets of South London before accepting a transfer to sleepier Bath.

Fans might also recognize Tala Gouveia from her roles in Eastenders, Holby City, Cold Feet and Plebs.

Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Ormond

Outnumbered star Claire Skinner is joining the cast for series three


Outnumbered star Claire Skinner is joining the cast for series three

Outnumbered actress Claire Skinner will be joining the cast of McDonald and Dodds for series 3, as brand new big boss Chief Superintendent Ormond.

Claire revealed that she was a “big fan” of the series before joining the cast, and added that her character would be “quietly intimidating”.

As well as her role as Mum Sue on hit sitcom Outnumbered, Claire has also appeared in Bridget Jones Diary, Doctor Who and more.

Jack Riddiford as DC Darren Craig

Jack Riddiford is the only other detective to appear in all 3 seasons


Jack Riddiford is the only other detective to appear in all 3 seasons

Jack Riddiford plays another member of the Bath-based force as police officer Darren Craig.

The actor has also appeared in Dunkirk, Murder On The Orient Express and 2021 TV series Deceit.

Series three will also include a number of guest appearances and cameos, including:

When will McDonald and Dodds series 3 start on ITV?

Filming for McDonald and Dodds series three began in mid-2021.

The new series will be made up of four feature length episodes and is set to drop in early 2022 – but there’s no exact release date yet.

Inside ITV’s Palooza as reality stars hit the dance floor before leaving all partied out

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Wild Rift: Kayle Release Date – Spiel Times



Wild Rift: Kayle Release Date  Spiel Times

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