Get a pass to travel due to death during lockdown? लॉकडाउन के दौरान मृत्यु के कारण यात्रा के लिए पास कैसे प्राप्त करें?


Get Pass Lockdown: Due to lockdown all across india section-144 is being implemented tightly. This make no one travel from one place to another. You need to isolate yourself at home keeping yourself safe from the infection.

For all the essential services like groceries, fuel, meat etc. Govt of india had already provided special passed to travel across districts with few guidelines. Citizens are allowed during the mornings to buy and sell essential stuff.

Now the question arises How can i travel in emergency during lockdown?

  • ePass request for moving
  • Apply For Epass
  • apply curfew pass
  • Telangana Epass
  • Lockdown ePass 

Well there are few lawful actions which provide you PASS to travel. With an pass you can travel from one place to other.

Get E pass for lockdown in India

Normally if you’re form an green zone or orange zone then you can welcome anyone due to emergency reasons with the oath of local politician. Else you have to get an e-pass which you can get through police helpline number by dialing to 100.

Get E pass for lockdown in India
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Apply Curfew ePass

  1. Go to this link which takes you to official Governament website.
  2. Then go-ahead with the application instructions and fill the form. Follow the below image for more help:

apply for epass during lockdown

Once you’re done submitting all the details and forms, You will get a notification to the registered mobile device. Also take a print of the acknowledgement form. Make sure to follow all the lockdown guidelines and don’t overload your vehicle.


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