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Gossip Girl Episode 10 Finale Release Date, Time, Spoilers



‘Gossip Girl’ reboot continues the tradition of its predecessor by featuring a Thanksgiving-themed entry in the form of the seventh episode. In stark contrast, instead of sabotaging each other, the gang and their parents gather around for an eventful dinner and share confessions. However, Julien’s confession about kissing and then sleeping with Obie breaks her sister’s heart. While Julien and Zoya continue their on-again, off-again sisterly dynamic in the eighth episode, Julien finds a disturbing secret about her father. In the following episode, Julien gets completely swept into a simmering scandal.

Elsewhere, Max, Audrey, and Aki each explore their sexuality and vulnerability while Kate has a hard time dealing with the moral implications of being Gossip Girl. With just three episodes left in the season, things are about to get a lot worse for our Upper East Side teenagers, and their lives are about to drown in chaos. If you cannot wait to watch what happens in the next installment, here’s everything that’s in store for ‘Gossip Girl’ episode 10!

Gossip Girl Episode 10 Release Date

‘Gossip Girl’ episode 10 is slated to release on December 2, 2021, at 3 am ET on HBO Max. The eleventh episode and twelfth one (which is also the season finale) will debut on the service on the same day at the same time. Episodes 7-9 of the debut season were released together on November 25, 2021. Season 1 of the teen drama consists of twelve episodes with a runtime of 56–59 minutes each.

Where To Stream Gossip Girl Episode 10-12 Online?

To watch the final three episodes of ‘Gossip Girl’ season 1, head over to HBO Max. The new episodes will become available to subscribers of the service starting from the date and time stated above. Episodes 10-12 can also be streamed with the help of Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Xfinity, provided you have subscribed to HBO Max through these platforms.

Gossip Girl Episode 10-12 Spoilers

Episode 10 of ‘Gossip Girl’ is titled ‘Final Cancellation’ and signals more trouble in paradise for Julien. It will deal with the cliffhanger ending of episode 9, in which Gossip Girl posts an edited video that makes it appear like Julien is silencing her father’s victims. However, that is far from the truth as Julien is only trying to wait for the right time for the victim, Riley’s testimony, to come forward. Julien fully supports Riley and has spoken out against her father. Therefore, Julien’s relationship with Davis might break down, and she could move out of the house.

The eleventh episode is titled ‘You Can’t Take It with Jules’and it suggests Julien will try everything in her power to bring the truth about her father’s alleged misconduct to light. The lack of evidence against Davis is keeping him safe for now, but that could change soon. Meanwhile, Zoya and Obie will have to deal with the fallout from their breakup. On the other hand, Max might have another downward spiral while processing his parents’ separation.

The season finale is called ‘Gossip Gone, Girl,’ which could hint at a tragic and sad fate for Kate and the teachers who run the Gossip Girl. Their secret might finally come out, and one of them will have to take the fall for the sake of others. That person could turn out to be Kate. We will likely get a hint of the future of the love triangles between Julien, Zoya, and Obie and Aki, Audrey, and Max. We expect the storyline revolving around the allegations against Davis will come to a conclusion in the season finale.

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Here’s What You Should Know



Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date: This series created by Karan Anshuman and directed by Kanishk Varma aims to show the audience the dark underbelly of cricket as the ultimate game of power and greed is unleashed. The movie stars Bollywood actors like Richa Chadha, Vivek Oberoi, Tanuj Virwani and Aamir Bashir.

The makers of Inside Edge Season 3 said that the plot of this season will keep the audiences hooked to the show and will impress fans and audiences alike in India and beyond.

Ritesh Sidhwani, Producer of the show has said, “Inside Edge is and will always be very special to us given that it is Excel’s first original with Amazon while also being Amazon’s first original in India. We are thrilled to chronicle the next gripping phase of the journey of Mumbai Mavericks, which will ultimately decide the fate of the team that has battled many odds. The third season of the Inside Edge franchise is a testament to the fact that we are committed to bringing our creative vision to life through interesting and innovative formats. We’re eagerly looking forward to the global premiere of the show on Prime Video.”

Trailer of Inside Edge Season 3

The trailer was released by the official YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Video India on November 22, 2021. “Amidst the greatest show on earth: an India v/s Pakistan cricket series, the politics of Indian cricket is laid bare, its secrets unraveled and truths exposed. The stakes have never been higher, even as they are investigated for corruption, battle lines are drawn for TV rights, endorsement deals and the captaincy of the Indian team. But what is the limit to the price of power?”, read the caption.

The trailer has got 19,292,971 views and 1505 comments so far. Watch the trailer here.

Inside Edge Season 3 Release Date 

Inside Edge Season 3 is slated to release on 3rd December.

Where to watch Inside Edge Season 3

Inside Edge Season 3 will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

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Vistara resumes flights to Singapore amid concerns over new Covid-19 variant | Latest News India



The World Health Organisation has dubbed Omicron a variant of concern after early evidence showed it could be more transmissible, and resistant to immunity from past infection or vaccination

A Vistara flight from Mumbai landed in Singapore on Monday while Singapore Airlines and IndiGo were also scheduled to resume their flights between the two countries even as the airlines awaited clarity on operations in view of the detection of a new Covid-19 variant–Omicron.

The government on Friday allowed scheduled international flights from December 15 to and from all countries considered not at risk”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked officials to review the plan to ease international travel restrictions after the new variant triggered global alarm. He called for the need to be “proactive in light of the new threat”.

The World Health Organisation has dubbed Omicron a variant of concern after early evidence showed it could be more transmissible, and resistant to immunity from past infection or vaccination. The detection has prompted countries such as Japan to suspend the entry of foreign visitors.

Also Read: Congress MP reminds Centre of promise to fully vaccinate Indians by 2021

Vistara operated the Mumbai-Singapore flight under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), which allows quarantine-free travel to Singapore for fully vaccinated travellers. The airline has scheduled five flights weekly to Singapore.

IndiGo was scheduled to operate a Chennai-Singapore flight under VTL at 2.50 pm. It has been allocated 3,618 seats per week, of which 1,624 seats will be available on the Chennai-Singapore route under VTL.

“The rest of the capacity will be utilised under non-VTL conditions for travel to and from Singapore,” an airline spokesperson said.

A Singapore airline official said they will be operating flights to Singapore as per schedule until the government issues fresh guidelines. The airline’s first flight between the two countries is scheduled to take off at 4.25 pm (IST) from Singapore and arrive in Delhi at 9.55 pm.

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“They changed the character to suit me”



Ma Dong-seok has opened up about how he ended up being cast in the latest Marvel film, Eternals.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Korea, the Korean-American actor – known for roles in South Korean movies such as Train To Busan, The Outlaws and more – spoke about what it was like to make his Hollywood debut in Eternals and the process which led him to being a part of the film.

Train To Busan was a global sensation,” he said. “The people at Marvel watched me in The Outlaws, The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil and Champion and requested me for a casting.”

“After that, I was busy with my life until I received a phone call. It was [casting director] Sarah Finn saying, ‘There’s a character perfect for you in a Marvel movie called Eternals. Come take a look’,” he added, noting that he knew the character of Gilgamesh would be “perfect” for him.

Ma then spoke about how Eternals director Chloé Zhao and Marvel had worked together to modify the character for him. “In fact, Gilgamesh isn’t even an Asian character. They changed the character to suit me,” he said. “They knew that I had boxed for a long time, so they changed the action to hand-to-hand combat. I was really touched that they were so considerate and made the character to fit me.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the actor also touched on what being a South Korean actor in a Hollywood film meant for a global audience. “It’s no longer shocking for an Asian actor to be cast into a Hollywood film,” he said. “But I think my situation is unique because I’m taking on the role of an action hero.”

In other news, Zhao has spoken about why she cast Harry Styles in Eternals. “I kept tabs on Harry since Dunkirk, I thought he was very interesting,” she told Deadline. “After meeting him I realised he is that character – the same way I cast the rest of my cast.”

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