Govt sensitises people to role of healthy diet | Patna News


KATIHAR: More than 500 people have already visited the counters set up at the Vikas Bhawan in Katihar as part of the ongoing ‘Nutrition Fortnight’ or ‘Poshan Pakhwada’. The event, which began on March 23, is helping the locals learn about the importance of a balanced diet and address the problem of malnourishment.
According to Vivek Kumar, director of the District Rural Development Agency, the main purpose of ‘Poshan Pakhwada’ organised under the Integrated Child Development Services is to raise awareness among women and children about the ill-effects of malnutrition and ways to lead a healthy life.
While manning one of the counters on Thursday, Deepak Kumar Deep, a block project assistant (BPA) from Mansahi, told this reporter, “We counsel the visitors and give them pictorial pamphlets with information on topics like balanced diet, dwarfism, obesity, malnourishment and anaemia among pregnant and lactating women.”
Another BPA, Mukesh Kumar, could be seen telling the locals about the role of the seven basic food groups. “It is important to consume chapatis, rice, pulses, green and leafy veggies, fish, mutton, eggs, milk, fruits and nuts to lead a healthy life,” he claimed.
Mukesh added, “We have observed that if the head of a family, who is usually a man, consumes leafy vegetables, pulses, eggs, chapatis and rice, his dependents also eat healthy. On the other hand, if he does not adopt healthy habits, the other members also eat poorly.”
Two other BPAs, Riya Kumari and Manish Kumar, pointed out that accredited social health activists and anganwadi workers were also helping them spread information about a balanced diet at the village and the block levels.
“They visit all the houses and conduct meetings where women are told about the problem of malnutrition among children. They also distribute iron, vitamin and deworming tablets,” the BPAs said.


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