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Gwen Stefani Was Asked If She Was a Republican




The Calumniation Games by Kakegurui Creator Gets Japanese Release Date for PS5, PS4, & Switch



Today Izanagi Games announced the Japanese release date of the escape game/bullet hell shoot ’em up hybrid Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

The game will release in Japan for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on April 14, 2022, making the previously-announced spring 2022 release window.

You’ll notice that the PC version is not mentioned, likely implying that it’ll launch alongside the western release, which we know will be handled by NIS America. That being said, NIS has not made an announcement yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s written by Homura Kawamoto, whom you may know for creating Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, and by his younger brother, Hikaru Muno.

The character design is by mangaka Hiro Kiyohara, who worked on Valkyria Revolution, while the music is by Yuko Komiyama, known for the Monster Hunter and Mega Man series.

Here’s how the developer describes Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

Solve Puzzles

Investigate attractions and uncover clues to help solve the puzzles you encounter.

With their sights set on victory, the teams face their attractions in the Yurukill Games. The documents you acquire by solving puzzles are the key to unlocking the secrets behind everything.

Glean hints from helpful conversations there to support the player and ensure even the toughest riddles aren’t an obstacle to enjoying the game.

Maji-kill Time

Lay it all on the line in extreme, life or death cross-examinations!

Executioners can end the life of their Prisoners any time via their Yurukill Passports. With their lives hanging in the balance, Prisoners must face cross-examination at the hands of their Executioners.

Make the correct selections within the time limit and weave through all the obstacles in the conversations!

Yurukill Judgment

Experience the cutting-edge BR (Brain Reality), developed by Yurukill, Inc.

Prisoners and Executioners pilot Yurukill Fighters within the virtual reality generated by the BR. Prisoners must stake their lives on these nail-biting firefights as they seek the truth behind the incidents they stand accused of!

Difficulty can be adjusted for players wishing to focus on the story.

High-Speed Quizzes

Take to the helm of your Yurukill Fighter and delve into the details of your alleged crimes in high-speed quizzes.

Gain lives for use in the BR depending on how many answers you get right.

Shoot ’em Up Stages

As a Prisoner, you’ll be hunted down by a whole host of different foes.

Defeat your assailants, and avoid being gunned down as you try and get through to your Executioner!

Prejudice Synapse

Explore a visual representation of your Executioner’s mind.

Use the evidence you acquire during the adventure sections to destroy the prejudices lurking in their heads, and free them from the notion that you, the Prisoner, are guilty.

Mind Maze

The neuron pathway is a visualization of the route leading to the core of the Executioner’s brain, containing what they perceive as the truth.

Complete the sentences relating to each incident and clear a way through the labyrinth of thoughts.

Boss Battles

Face the Executioners in intense boss battles.

Smash through “Mind Walls” and “Brain Barriers”—the shields that manifest to protect the Executioners’ innermost thoughts—and prove that you’ve been falsely accused!

Run the gauntlet over and over in the Shooting Mode—unlocked as you progress through the main story.

Score Attack Mode

Choose Your Fighter

In Score Attack mode, face your choice of stage in your choice of fighter.

Each Prisoner pilots a different Yurukill Fighter with its own quirks, allowing for a variety of playstyles.

Ranked Score Attack Mode

In this mode players can face a stage of their choice in Stage Score Attack, or play through all unlocked stages consecutively in Complete Score Attack. With freedom over which stage you play and a variety of difficulties to choose from, they’re also perfect for practice.

Aim to beat your own score in the top 100 personal best ranked mode, or compete with players nationwide for the top spot in the online ranked mode.

Choose a play style that suits you and aim for that elusive highscore!

If you want to see more, you can check out plenty of gameplay trailers, more gameplay, the theme song performed by Saori Hayami, and several character trailers featuring Kristina Kobayashi, Allan Poe Akechi, Keiichi Oka, Hanaka Ichirin, Izane Akegarasu, Gentoku Omuro, Kagura Kagutsuchi, Raita Yamada, Futa Yamada, Sengoku Shunju, Rina Azami, and the host of the Yurukill Games, Binko

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Judge: Trump and allies ‘stoked the flames of fear’ that led to Jan. 6 violence



Jackson’s comments came as she delivered a sentence to Jan. 6 defendant Russell Peterson, who was charged with illegally entering the Capitol but not with committing any violence or destruction. She’s the latest federal judge to invoke Trump’s conduct as a contributor to the chaos and violence of that day and urge accountability. Judges on the federal bench in Washington, D.C., have expressed a range of views about the culpability of the former president for the riot, but several, like Jackson, have more squarely put the onus on Trump in recent weeks.

Peterson’s attorney Dani Jahn had argued that Trump and other allies, including his family members and attorney Rudy Giuliani, bore responsibility for the actions of the rioters, particularly after ginning them up with incendiary speeches that morning.

Jackson agreed with the overall assessment, but she stopped short of her colleague, Judge Amit Mehta, who recently worried that those who stormed the Capitol for Trump were “pawns” being punished for the actions of powerful ringleaders. Rather, Jackson said that despite the incessant disinformation on social media and from those attempting to overturn the election, rioters made their own decision to march from Trump’s rally to the Capitol and ignore the blaring signals that their presence was illegal.

She ultimately sentenced Peterson to 30 days in jail — twice as much as prosecutors requested — and $500 in restitution.

“No one was swept away to the Capitol. No one was carried,” she said to Peterson. “There may be others who bear greater responsibility and should be held accountable. But this is not their day in court. It’s yours.”

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Ayush ministry begins trial to check if Ashwagandha can help increase Covid vaccine protection



The Ministry of Ayush’s Central Council of Research in Ayurvedic Science (CCRAS) have commenced a trial to evaluate if Ashwagandha, a popular herb of the Ayurvedic system of medicine, can help improve the protection offered by anti-Covid vaccines.

For the trial, the enrollment of volunteers has begun in Pune and Mumbai and will soon commence in other centres such as Delhi, Nagpur, Jaipur, Belgaum and Hassan, Dr Arvind Chopra, chief clinical coordinator for the trial, told The Indian Express.

As many as 1200 participants are being enrolled in the standard controlled drug trial, Dr Chopra said.

“Variants of SARS-CoV2 virus and mutants are inevitable, and some may reduce the vaccine efficacy. Operationally, it is difficult to alter the Covid-19 vaccine in a short time to meet the new virus antigenic challenges. With this trial we hope to understand whether there can be a likely increase in the protection offered by anti-Covid-19 vaccine by addition of Ashwagandha Ayurvedic formulation,” he said.

Trial participants will be examined by both Ayurveda and modern medicine physicians, he added.

Rajesh Kotecha (Secretary, Ayush), Prof Bhushan Patwardhan (National Research Professor, Ayush) and Dr N Srikanth (Director General, CCRAS) are the prime movers of the study, the protocol for which was vetted by several experts and cleared by ethics committees.

Under the trial, participants will be randomised soon after vaccination and administered either Ashwagandha or a placebo. They will then be closely monitored for 28 weeks during which protective antibodies and immune cell responses will be measured at several points. In addition, breakthrough infections will be evaluated. “Participants will be monitored daily for Covid symptoms and/or drug side effects using a special mobile app developed by Centre for Rheumatic Diseases (CRD), Pune,” Dr Chopra, who is also the director of the centre, said.

Scientifically known as Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha has traditionally been used to modulate and enhance immunity and help in several infections and autoimmune disorders.

Recently, Chopra and his colleagues concluded a randomised controlled drug trial sponsored by Ministry of Ayush-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to demonstrate the prophylaxis offered by Ashwagandha in high-risk personnel such as doctors and nurses.

Ashwagandha was shown to be similar to hydroxychloroquine (HCQS), which was extensively used and recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) prior to vaccination. It is likely that several participants in these trials were exposed to Delta variant. An interim report of the trial in favour of Ashwagandha was published in a global peer-reviewed journal “Complementary Therapies in Medicine” in August 2021 .

“These trials have been consistent with the emerging policy on Ayurveda’s integration with modern medicine and instilling faith in the ongoing efforts by physicians from both in curbing the Covid-19 menace,” Dr Chopra said.

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