Hanna Season 2 Will Be AIR on 3rd July – Primevideo Announces


Washington: Amazon’s own OTT platform creates comming age high-conceptual thriller series. Among them HANNA – season 1 holds top rating. Season 2 of this series had announced officially air on 3rd July. Trailer is live on Amazon Prime Video youtube channel.

A 30 seconds teaser released on youtube doesn’t reveal much about the plot. It is made to think the fast approach of the season is to satisfy the need of fans in the craving of the latest content on the platform.

Making her way out from the UTRAX facility, Hanna presume to free up more genetically transformed teen & trash the place. Since the teaser footage is yet not known that it is clipped from the 2nd season or not. As it shows Hanna is back to the agency to break the place out.

With over eight episodes season 2 is produced by Amazon Studios, NBCUniversal International Studios, and Working Title Television.

Hanna Season 2 Premier Date Announced By Primevideo
Image Source: prime video

Written and directed by David Farr, Hanna season 1 was released in 2011 and now in 2020 season, 2 will be premiered on PRIME VIDEO. After 9 years of wait, due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, this release was announced.

This post-release made several clips to be removed and some weren’t attached due to the delay in production. Yet this is the best thing again and the series will be on air this summer.


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